Making the Best of Your Curly Short Hair

Curly Short Hair Styles

If you have been blessed with curly hair then first and foremost consider it a blessing and not a curse. Contrary to what the popular culture propagates, straight doesn’t always rule. It’s true that curly hair needs more maintenance but with proper care and styling curly short hair can look smart, striking and change one’s whole personality. If your hair is naturally curly then you can have it cut and styled short so that it is easy to maintain and looks good at the same time.

Curly Short Hair Styles
Curly Short Hair Styles

The best part of having curly short hairis that you need to do very little to make it look and feel good. Regular shampoo and conditioning, regular cuts and trims, and making sure it remains soft is all that it takes to make a visible style statement. And even then it is not limited to one style. You can style it into any number of ways from a nice gelled look, half up curly twists, sharp layers, funky spikes or accentuated with cute bangs.

The most popular style for curly short hair is the bob. This will involve cutting it short to frame your face. The hair falls naturally into place and hardly needs any maintenance. Even in a windblown state you would look elegant and nice as the style is naturally messy and unstructured. For those who don’t want to cut their too short can keep it a jaw length and have it layered for better effects. Though layers are mostly done on straight hair, the thickness of curly hair makes them fall better.

Curly short hair is usually thick and full of volume and fullness of body. Simply add a few bangs and your looks will change from simple to cute in a jiffy. For a more formal occasion you can twist it into a curl or ringlet to frame your face. Angled hairstyle also works great for short curly hair. They are flexible, fun and simply easy to maintain. A great choice for those who have no time, patience or inclination fashion and styling like working women, young mothers, students among others.

Taking care of them is also very easy. All you need is regular wash and trim from time to time. If you have been cursing the curls and frizzes all this while, it’s time you tried out some innovative styling options for your curly short hair. Try out a way bang or some cool highlights to make your hair look gorgeous and change the way you look. A good hairstyle is more than about looking good. It also makes you feel admired and good about yourself thereby boosting self-confidence.

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