Medium Hairstyles – Teri Hatcher’s Shoulder Length Hairstyles

Teri Hatcher Hairstyles

This simple style is, nevertheless, an attractive length making it a great choice as a makeover for long straight hair!

The hair is all one-length, except for shorter sections at the front which add movement and soften the line. The off-centre parting gives a touch of asymmetric stylishness and the smooth front section creates a nice curved shape framing the face.

The rich, dark brown cocoa shade matches the brown of Teri’s eyes perfectly and warms up her complexion.  To keep the style trendy and relaxed, one side is lightly brushed off the face showing Terri’s profile and a glimpse of a pretty, silver earring!

This is an elegant haircut which looks great on Terri’s lovely thick hair.

You may don’t know that Teri Hatcher is a medium length hair fan, as you can see that most of the time, she wears shoulder length hair, not too long nor too short, and there are so many ways to style your hair. Here are more styles from Teri Hatcherm, enjoy.

Teri Hatcher Short Haircuts
Teri Hatcher Short Haircuts – trendy short straight bob cut /flimmagic


Teri Hatcher New Hairdo
Teri Hatcher New Hairdo – medium curly hairstyle /getty images


Teri Hatcher Hair Updo
Teri Hatcher Hair Updo


Teri Hatcher hairstyles
Teri Hatcher hairstyles /getty images


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