Messy Low Side-Plait with Fringe in Copper Brown – Debby Ryan’s Hairstyle

Braided hairstyle for girls - Debby Ryan' hairstyles

Celebrity hairstyles: cute side braided hairstyle for girls

Debby always looks so happy in her photos and this trendy look suits her lively personality perfectly!

Copper and strawberry blonde are the ‘hot’ red carpet shades at the moment!  And this warm medium-brown, with natural copper reflections is a very flattering colour for ‘dark-blondes’, who need a summertime colour makeover!

This style has an untidy off-centre parting above a long, side-swept fringe hanging casually over one eye. On the fringe side, sections of the hair are left in unruly, but defined sections.

On the other side, the hair covers the ear down to a low, loosely braided plait. Loose plaiting emphasises the thickness of Debby’s hair and gives a suitably casual finish to her young and trendy image!

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