Quick Updo: Elegant Side Chignon with Corsage

Side Chignon with Corsage for women

Simple easy updo for summer

This elegantly smooth and pretty chignon also has some fabulous, edgy contrasts which make it completely on-trend!

The asymmetrical side parting creates a smooth long fringe falling casually over one eye and ending with an attractive soft curve at chin level.  The other side is swept loosely off the face to create interesting diagonal movement across the back, with a casual strand pulled down at the side and pretty, messy wisps left free at the nape.

The full and rounded chignon is pinned in a contemporary off-centre position with several strands loosened to give an untidy, fashion finish.  The flowing movement in the smooth sections is beautifully accentuated by the creative colouring technique in the highlights and lowlights.

The varying shades of blonde and brown are also superbly showcased in the chignon and the chic black corsage adds a final touch of sophistication to this fabulous hair design!

A perfect updo for summer, right? Find more new hairstyles on hairstyles weekly!

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