3 Sneaky Reasons Your Hair Color Is Fading

Hair color fading and you don’t know why? You might be surprised about what’s causing it!

Check out these three reasons your hair color is fading early, then talk to your stylist about how to prolong it.

Styling with heat

You’ve heard the warnings about heat styling on your hair, but did you know it also affects your color?

Throughout the full life of your hair color, you should ideally stay away from heat styling (yes, that includes flat irons and blow dryers) as much as possible. Heat, steam and even sunlight can play a big role in making your color fade. If you have to style with heat, opt for the lowest setting possible and don’t do it every day.

If your color is prone to super fast fading, try backing off on the hot water in the shower. It sounds weird, but even scalding hot water can affect your color. Lukewarm or cool water will help seal in your color longer.

Shampooing too soon after treatment

After a fresh color, you should typically wait 24-48 hours before shampooing again. Give the color enough time to “settle” into your hair so that by the time you wet it, your color will be secure. Don’t worry about not feeling clean – your stylist will wash it thoroughly after the coloring treatment, so your locks should be able to stand a few days before your next ‘poo.

Once you’re in the safe zone, make sure you’re using shampoo and conditioner that are specially formulated for color treated hair, like BY Framesi Pearl Shampoo & Conditioner for Color Treated Hair.

Poor water quality

Hard water can take a toll on your strands. Chemicals in your water system like chlorine and salt can damage your hair color and texture, making your hair brittle and unmanageable. If you know your water supply at home is hard and/or saturated with chemicals, ask a professional about options for softening and purifying your water system. In a pinch, you can also find a water softener/purifier that fits over your shower head.

If you can’t get away from hard water in your home, find a “safe haven” where you can wash your hair whenever possible, like a friend’s house or the gym locker room. You can even visit your stylist regularly for deep shampoos in quality water.

If you’re a swimmer, take the time to carefully wash the chlorine out of your hair as soon as possible after a swim.

For any issues with color-treated hair, check out Framesi’s Color Lover product line. These shampoos and conditioners are specially formulated to prolong hair color while also addressing other common needs (such as volume, moisture, curl and shine). Shop Framesi Color Lover here.

Colored hair can be some work to maintain, but it’s totally worth it when it comes to changing your look. Keep track of factors you think might be causing your hair color to fade too quickly so you’ll know how to combat them.

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