18 Bombshell Blonde & Red Hairstyles – For Sizzling Sexpots!

rose gold red and blonde balayage bob hairstyle

With warm shades dominating hair colour trends this season, blonde and red hairstyles have emerged as a contemporary new look!

This season’s exciting hair designs are breaking all the rules and creating some fabulously fun and unconventional new cuts and colour combinations.  So if you want to keep up with the fast-changing world of hair fashion, read on!

Auburn, copper and the other red shades used to be strictly for brunettes. But faced with the popularity of these fiery or gentle fashion shades, blonde and red hairstyles have become ‘hot-stuff’, too!

How to get blonde and red highlights harmony

The most important point to remember when choosing red highlight colours for your blonde hair is to make sure they harmonise with the undertones in your particular shade of blonde.

Blonde Red Hairstyles
Blonde Red Hairstyles

The basic rule is that blue-based reds such as burgundy, wine, aubergine and clear pink shades will complement ‘cool’ blonde shades.  Golden blonde looks super with rose-gold and coral reds and strawberry-blonde hair looks fabulous with copper or orange-red highlights.

Highlighting designs

There’s a wide range of highlighting designs to choose from right now and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t design your own pattern, for a blonde and red hairstyle that’s completely individual. 

red hair with blonde highlights
red hair with blonde highlights

But check with your colourist first as she’s trained to know the most flattering highlighting schemes for each individual.

Stunning red on blonde patterns

Balayage blonde and red hairstyles look more natural than the old-fashioned striped highlights and look really attractive on wavy or curly styles.  Straight blonde hair is perfect for broad stripes in differing, graduated shades of red to create striking blonde and red hairstyles that look amazing when braided or styled in a pony-tail or bun.

Outline highlights on blonde and red hairstyles

Creating a margin of harmonising or contrasting colour around the full outline of your hair is currently one of the freshest ways to highlight hair. It’s a great style to try out in summer when everyone is feeling casual and temporary ‘fun’ hair colours are suddenly appearing in the hair of young and not-so-young heads!

Splashlighting on blonde and red hairstyles

For a cutting edge blonde and red hairstyles, take a look at the topsy-turvy highlighting style, called splashlights.  Splashlighting means adding a broad horizontal band of colour running from ear to ear, instead of from root to tip. 

So if you want to attract attention this summer try blonde and red hairstyles with one, or more, horizontal splashlight bands! 

Choose your favourite red-head look from our exciting red hair Inspiration Gallery of the hippest, brightest and best blonde and red hairstyles right now!

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