3 Reasons To Ditch DIY Hair Color

These days, we are all about doing it ourselves. It’s not hard to figure out why…we can be pretty darn awesome sometimes! Whether it’s painting the living room or building that (seemingly impossible) IKEA shelf, DIY projects are everywhere nowadays. As great as we are at being self-reliant, there are certain things we shouldn’t do on own…like dying our hair.

Many of us opt to change our natural hair color or cover up grays – but even with all of those box dyes at the drugstore, this should always be left in the hands of the professionals. Feeling skeptical? Here are 3 reasons to ditch DIY hair color and head to the salon.

Reason #1: Stylists Have Training and Experience

If you’re still on team-DIY, there may be something else you want to consider: like the skills your stylist brings to the table. Even if you’re pretty great at doing your own hair, it simply can’t compare to that of a professional. Stylists have years of training and experience behind them! That means they know how to properly select and mix the right colors – and how to give you the hottest hair color techniques of the moment, like ombre, sombre, and bayalage.

Think of it this way. You wouldn’t go write a math final without doing a little studying first. So why would you grab a box of dye and think it will look picture perfect? It’s simply not realistic. If you’ve tried to dye your own hair in the past (and have accidentally gotten spots on your ears, neck, or forehead), you’ll know that it isn’t as easy as it looks.

Stylists on the other hand, have had years of education and training. Plus, they have worked on many different hair types and textures, so they know how to make the most of what you’ve got. Here’s a little dose of reality: if you want hair color that looks like you just left the salon…you need to head to a salon!

Reason #2: You Get The Color You Actually Want

So, you’ve scoured the aisles and aisles of hair dye at your local store and…success! You found the perfect shade. It’s glossy, beautiful, and is sure to give you that stunning new look you’ve been dreaming of. Until you use it and find that your hair looks nothing like the picture on the box. This happens all the time. Why? Box hair dye doesn’t always give you the colour you’ve been craving.

More often than not, box dyes don’t end up looking like you think they will. Plus, they tend to fade much faster and can even give you a brassy, harsh color. Salon color on the other hand, is customizable. Your stylist will be able to mix multiple shades together to create the perfect blend…and give you exactly what you want. This leads to color that looks gorgeous and natural every time.

While it may seem like a splurge to hit the salon when you need a color update, the difference is huge! For better-looking color (that you won’t have to redo a thousand times or cringe whenever someone mentions your ‘new look,’) professional is the only way to go.

Reason #3: Salons Use Hair Healthy Products To Make Your Color Last

Want to know the main difference between box hair dye and salon-approved dye? It’s all about the chemicals. Most in-store hair dyes contain chemicals like metallic salts. Not only can these chemicals be incredibly harmful to the hair but they can also be unpredictable, meaning you never really know how your locks will look at the end of it. Meanwhile, professional color is more predictable and causes less hair damage.

In addition, salons use (and advocate) hair healthy products to make sure your color looks more vibrant and last even longer. Things like the Joico Color Therapy Shampoo and Conditioner can really compliment a professional hair coloring. Or for added protection, you can always try the K-PAK Color Therapy Restorative Styling Oil to prevent your colored hair from becoming dry or fading. Whatever you need to keep your hair looking great, don’t worry – your stylist will be able to point you in the right direction.

When it comes to your hair, don’t settle! You deserve better than good enough. Even if you’re the queen of DIY, don’t apply that title to your hair color. Instead, leave it to the professionals. You’ll leave the salon with gorgeous, radiant hair you’ll want to show off.

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