22 Stylish Red Balayage & Ombre Hairstyles 2021

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This gorgeous gallery of red hairstyles for your new look is packed with fantastic color and hairstyle ideas! The red range includes everything from orange, copper and sunset shades, through brick-red, brown-reds and wine, berry and violet shades.  Plus there’s a very cute, short bob with canary-yellow balayage! So if you need to put a totally up-to-the-minute spin on your image, take a look at these gorgeous new hairstyles with trendy balayage ideas and outstanding ombrés!

Classy red ombré on brunette

If you have an oval face this center-parted long bob with red ombré could be your perfect new look!  Deep red suits medium to dark skin-tones and creates a very classy look in this carefully graduated ombré.  Long layers with face-framing shorter layers and flipped-out tips add volume at the ends.

Defined tousled waves on long, fine hair

Fine hair isn’t necessarily sparse – it’s just that the hair shafts are finer than wiry hair shafts.  So long, fine hair always benefits from tousled waves that give extra volume and such a silky, shiny texture.  This dark chocolate base gets cute, 3-D color depth from the lovely copper balayage highlights!

Subtle mahogany red on dark base

Even if your natural color is dark brown you may find that a subtle, all-over red tint softens and flatters your skin-tone!  This long wavy hairstyle has an off-center parting suitable for round, oval or heart faces. Extra-long bangs reduce a wide forehead and waves add width around a narrow chin.

Beautiful black hair with red & indigo-blue balayage

Olive skin tones and darker look fabulous matched against a deep red and indigo-blue balayage design.  These deep and sophisticated colors aren’t pegged to one time of year, either, so you can wear this new look for as long as you like!

Pretty waves in rich chestnut red on fine – medium hair

Chestnut hair colors vary from golden-brown to copper-brown to this warm and sexy red chestnut!  The gorgeous ringlet curls tumble back from the face in shiny tresses full of lively movement.  This very feminine style is suitable for fine or medium hair, and men love running their fingers through soft, silky hair!

Mirror-gloss chocolate-cherry waves

Chocolate-cherry hair color looks as good as it sounds on this long, wavy hairstyle. And mirror-gloss treatment creates plenty of light and shade to highlight the smooth, wavy texture!  Starting the waves higher up the head helps to unite upper and lower sections of hair and looks more natural.

Spectacular sunset ombré on brunette

Looking for a totally new look?  This style is so trendy and hot you’ll definitely be the center of attention!  The key to wearing multi-toned styles like this is keeping your hair well-maintained and that means regular trims and lots of conditioning at home.  Always go to a well-trained colorist for multi-colored hair designs, so the result is classy and attractive!

Sexy scarlet flame ombré on brown roots

Flame-colored wavy hairstyles are definitely a popular trend, especially when deep waves with sharp tips have been cut to resemble real flames!  This color is a blend of orange and red carefully merged with the brown base and it’s an easy way to make grown men to go weak at the knees!

Violet balayage on dark chocolate base

Violet balayage on dark brunette hair adds a lot of contemporary style to this model’s modern haircut.  Straight across bangs with lovely face-framing waves create a flattering look for round, oval and heart faces.  This angled cut is graduated down from the back to a point at the sides and then moves up to shorter layers at the front.

Ruby red tips & full bangs

This natural look with trendy, straight-across bangs has lovely, wavy lines framing the face in a relaxed daily hairstyle.  The balayage includes lighter highlights just below chin-length, and violet/red tips.  Playfully tousled hair at the ends adds the appearance of more volume to fine or medium hair!

Trendy yellow balayage on red-brown short cut

It sounds a little odd, but when you see how well canary-yellow balayage complements this base color – it looks fantastic!  This is another classy, contemporary red hairstyle with short layers around the crown styled forwards.  And this image shows exactly where to put jaunty yellow and orange balayage to highlight the texture and movement in a unique new way!

Black & red blend on rippled waves

Not only is the center parting a great way of showing off an oval face shape, it’s also a super idea for anyone with an attractive rounded forehead like this model!  Long wavy hair is layered and has a black top section down to eye-level, switching to a red and black section down to the tips!

Wind-ruffled wavy long bob on fine hair

Pep-up a grown-out A-line bob on fine or medium hair with spiral waves on long, disconnected side layers.  Then just add some warmth with red, medium-blonde and copper balayage and you’ve got a highly fashionable new season look!

Sexy Jessica Rabbit red!

This sexy look is inspired by the skin-tight, low-cut dress and red hair ‘worn’ by Jessica in the Who Shot Roger Rabbit movie!  It’s a glamor-model or WAG  look that’s great for getting lots of attention.  Suits medium – dark skin tones and shorter layers around the face help cover the model’s square jawline.

Gorgeously gothic dark-purple on long hair

This shade is known as aubergine (egg-plant) because it echoes the deep purple of this glossy vegetable!  It’s also a color that can drain the color out of pale skin, so consult an expert colorist to get the perfect shade for you.  On long, black hair it adds an intriguing air of gothic mystery and this hairstyle has red balayage in the lower lengths, too!

Classy straight long bob with scarlet ombré

Simple and sophisticated cuts are a great background for bold red shades.  This long cut has same-length ends with lots of layering at the bottom edge creating a pretty, textured line.  The ombré starts high up near the crown and is subtly graduated down to become a rich, high-pigment red in this stunning look!

Fabulously fashionable thick hair cut with multi-highlights

This attractive medium-length bob is a great way to use the natural volume and maybe a little natural wave in thick hair.  The long layers have an angular wave near the ends, which are heavily textured to give a cute, uneven edge.  Then add red, copper, purple and blonde balayage highlights for a fashionable and classy look!

Divine dark-chocolate waves with subtle red balayage

This dark-chocolate hairstyle has just a hint of red applied as balayage to highlight the lovely rippling waves. The thick hair has been layered to add shape and is cut in a relaxed U-shape back leaving shorter strands to soften the line around the face.

Sensational sunset shades in high-pigment colors

This is one of our favorites because of the highly-pigmented, deep colors in this russet color design with sunset-orange ombré.  Shiny hair cut into a straight style with a U-shaped curved at the back is the perfect candidate for a rich color scheme.  Make sure you keep the ends trimmed regularly to avoid tatty-looking tips.

Racy red with lavender balayage patches

Shorter waves are easier to manage and add lots of volume to fine hair, which would look too thin in a longer length.  The gorgeous look is very glamorous with high waves gently draped down past the shoulders.  Add in the red all-over tint and super-cool, lavender patches and you’ve got a really trendy and feminine hairdo!

Soft vertical highlights on long, straight red hair

Highlighting has returned to the original artistic technique called, balayage, but that doesn’t mean vertical lines are out of fashion.   Lighter red highlights look super on this model’s straight hair, emphasizing the length and adding softness to the line around the face!

Now all you need to do is take a look at your favorite clothes and use the colors that suit you as a guide to the best red hair color for your new look!  Then get on the phone to your colorist and become even more beautiful!



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