18 Most Popular Red Ombre Hair Ideas/ Ombre Hairstyles

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Ombre is a super hot color trend that’s taking the fashion world by force- everyone is doing it! Take your Ombre to an all new, red-hot level by introducing some fierce red tones to your mane. From rich mahogany blends to exotic black/red combos, you’re sure to find a spicy Ombre combo that’s right for you in this list.

Elegant Deep Red and Copper

Ombre hair color ideas for winter: This luscious shade of deep red is simply gorgeous, making her lighter skin complexion really stand out. It paired well with a light copper tone at the ends, complementing the sultry red shade with a touch of summery fun. Adding some romantic curls and red lips to her look creates a stunning, elegant hair style that can be worn to prom or date night.

Black and Mahogany – beachy wavy ombre hair

Want to indulge in red but prefer a darker, more subtle tone? Consider mahogany! It’s a gorgeous blend of purples and Feds for a very lovely, warm finish, and paired with black it’s quite a dreamy sight. Add some tousled ringlets for some delicious volume that’s effortlessly yet sexy.

Deep Auburn with Blonde for long straight hair

Cute girl with long red ombre hair. Lengthy tresses are perfect for this type of hair coloring. A rich auburn hue covers the majority of her mane, with just a touch of orangey blonde on the ends for some contrast. Looks awesome and has a punk-rock feel that’s killer!

Auburn and Soft Red – Back view

This hair color had an all-natural appeal that’s perfect for women who want to keep things tame. Auburn leads down to a soft red tint, and loose curls create a natural, delicate appearance that’s feminine and free.

Deep Auburn and Honey Blonde Ombre hair

There’s something so majestic and stunning about this color combo. A regal, deep auburn shade is complemented by sensuous honey blonde. Lengthier hair will look best with this look, and it looks extra fabulous with some natural-looking waves.

Red ombre hair: Deep Red and Pink

Some people may say red and pink don’t go together- we disagree! Reds a hot, sexy color and pink is dainty and sweet- sounds like a PERFECT combo to us! Indulge in two lovely shades with this red and pink Ombre.

Shoulder Length Ombre Hair: Auburn and Copper Loose Waves

Ombre hair color idea for medium length hair. Auburn is such a sultry, warm shade with hints of red that are utterly alluring. Lighten up this look with some copper ends, finishing with some loose waves that look natural and unkempt.

Golden Red Ombre

There’s no denying this fab style is loaded with plenty of dashing colors, but the bright red roots and golden ends are really what takes the show! This dimensional ‘do looks especially gorgeous when textured with some voluminous tousled waves.

Red and White Braids

Red hair doesn’t always mean fire engine red that pierces your eyes from a mile away. If you want a subtler red Ombre, consider a warm red followed by significant platinum ends. Make it dainty and chic with double wrap around braids a soft curls.

Black and Auburn Voluminous Waves

Mysterious and sexy, black and red is a troublesome (in a good way) combination that makes for a sultry, memorable finish. A goth inspired look, an auburn lower half is given gorgeous volume with loose waves.

Fire Engine Red and Orange

Braided bob cut: Make your hot fire engine red mane the focal point by leaving this your mane color, only adding a touch of orange to the ends to lighten the style. A cool asymmetrical cut and stylish side braid adds to the fierce attitude of this red hot look.

Black and Blood Red

Evoking passion and boasting a vampiric shade, black and blood red must be one of the most exotic combinations in the red Ombre color scheme. She adds subtle, yet striking blood red tips to her mane and leaves it straight. Throw on some gloss product to make those colors pop and shine.

Trio Red Ombre for long bob hair

Who said Ombre had to stick to two colors? Forget about it! Indulge in a trio blend that allows you to make a bold step from dark to light, which a deep mahogany shade at the roots, a soft auburn through the middle, and copper below. If you love bob hairstyles, check out this post.

Black and Fierce Red

If you couldn’t tell already, we’re lovers of black and red hair; but wow this duo is FIERCE. That intoxicating shade of red is a sure eye-catcher and paired with black roots it’s a vibrant, fiery combo that’s bound to turn heads. Really make these colors the star of the show by heavily volumizing with plenty of styling gel and waves.

Mahogany and Golden Brown

There’s something so desirable about this enticing shade! Rich mahogany roots are brightened ugh a delectable time of golden brown, a sultry blend that’s amplified by loose, voluminous waves for that come-hither finish. Pair this sophisticated ‘do with your favorite dress for a knockout style.

Bold Black and Red

A cool stylish blunt bob haircut. Making a fashion statement is easy with this hairstyle. She creates a bold, exotic finish with two chunky bursts of color. The top half is left a mysterious and sexy black shade while the lower half is a fierce red. The bulky chunks of color create define lines that are easily recognizable and memorable- the perfect match for that cat eye makeup.

Red and Orange

For the ladies who love bright, trendy colors, consider this funky Ombre duo. Deep reds are accented beautifully by an orangey lower half, and we love how the subtle platinum strands scattered throughout add a splash of brightness and depth to her mane. This look is as easy as shampooing, conditioning, and blow drying while finger-combing and slightly tousling your locks for a natural, messy wave. Love this color? Find more hair color ideas here.

Brown and Blonde

If you’re a natural brunette, you may want to stick closer to that fabulous hue. To keep your red a bit more subtle and sophisticated, consider choosing a mahogany red that’s deep and rich with hints of brown throughout. Lighten the ends with some alluring lighter brown tints and tousle them up a bit with your curler before heading out for the day.

BTW, if you don’t love the ombre hair, how about the balayage?

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