Why Your Hair Color Is Fading

Are you frustrated that your hair color is fading too quickly? If so, you aren’t alone. There’s no doubt getting your hair colored by a professional hairstylist is a wise (and often expensive) investment. But if you don’t take care of your color-treated hair, you’ll find your color escaping quickly!

Avoid these seven common mistakes for colored hair:

1. You heat style without the right products. I admit it, I’m hair straightener junkie! I straighten my hair daily and never leave home without my flat iron. But I always use heat protecting products. Many thermal styling protectants (like Framesi I.Dentity Protect.It Thermal Protector) will keep your color lasting longer while preventing heat-related hair damage.

2. Your hair is overexposed and under-treated for chlorine. Summer is right around the corner, but you need to be careful if your summer plans include soaking up sun by the poolside. Overexposure to chlorine can damage and weaken your hair. Chlorine has also been known to change the color of your hair. Make sure you wash your hair before and after swimming in chlorine-treated water.

3. You’re using box hair color. Please, I beg you- step away from the drug store and put the boxed hair color DOWN! While you may think box hair color is cheaper (that’s a lie), you’ll likely spend more money in the long-run due to the damage and more frequent coloring with box hair color. Check out these four other lies you’ve been told about hair coloring.

4. You shampoo your hair too soon after getting it colored. Don’t wash your dollars down the drain! Make sure you wait ample time between hair coloring and shampooing. Ask your hairstylist how often they recommend you wait after an appointment before washing your locks.

5. You’re using the wrong shampoo and conditioner. If you have colored hair, make sure you use shampoo and conditioner specifically designed for color-treated hair. Try using Framesi Pearl Shampoo for color treated hair. You’ll love this rich moisturizing shampoo that is packed with nourishing pearl proteins and won’t strip hair color.

6. The color didn’t stay on your hair long enough. Don’t skim out on time because you’re in a hurry. Color needs to stay on your hair for set amount of times to reach your desired shade. Experienced hairstylists will often test your hair before washing out your hair color.

7. You shampoo too often. Often, hair color lasts based on a set number of shampoos. Try to skip wash days and keep your hair healthy and stylish by using a dry shampoo. Semi-permanent hair color can last as little as 6 to 12 shampoos! On the other end, permanent hair color can last 4-6 weeks based on your natural hair growth.

Keep these tips in mind that next time you visit your hairstylist and you’ll achieve hair color that really lasts.

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