20 Best Red Ombre Hair Ideas 2024: Cool Shades, Highlights

shades of red - red ombre hair styles 2017

Summer’s the time to go for more daring colors, so here’s a selection of the hottest red ombre hairstyles to get you in the mood! Red ombre hair includes lots of different shades of copper, orange, burnt-orange, coral, scarlet, violet-red and cherry, so there’s a shade here to suit most skin-tones. From a rosy-pink and gold dawn to a deep red evening sunset, red ombre hairstyles look great on light and dark hair colors!

Trendy light copper ombre on long auburn hairstyles

Red to Golden Blonde Ombre Hair - Medium Layered Hairstyle for Thick Hair

Deep coppery red hair looks extra trendy with a lighter red ombré emphasizing the length and thickness of the hair.  This is a great length for a bright red hair color idea – any longer and you’d be swamped!  This is a great summer look with straight hair given added texture from the ‘bend’ around chin-length, where it changes to glowing light copper tips!

Breathtaking coral red crown fading to blonde & white on long wavy layered hair

Red and Blonde Ombre Highlights

Here’s another new twist on the red ombre hair concept, with soft shades of coral red expertly blended around the top of the head.  I love how this hairstyle subverts the ‘long, blonde hair’ cliché with beautifully judged colors leading the eye to bright golden blonde tips.  The softly waved layers enhance this unique hair color idea, with a lovely natural finish!

Stunning long braid hairstyle with red top over fab white-pearl blonde ombre

Ombre Long Hair with Braids

Here’s another highly original twist on the gorgeous medieval long braided hairstyles ‘Game of Thrones’ has made such popular hairstyles for this year.  Rich copper red is applied in a very modern way to look like a randomly placed color on the top.  This is a very sophisticated, semi-formal hairdo that plays with two contrasting colors and the patterns they create in the braids and loose waves.

Dramatic dark red ombre on long wavy brunette hair

Black to Red Ombre Hair - Curly Long Hairstyle

This is a great red ombre hair color idea for coffee-brown or black hair that needs a style update. The red ombre starts higher than usual, but dark hair still shows through the glossy, deep waves creating a 3-D color effect.

Vivid punky look orange-red/yellow ombre & asymmetrical head braid

Ombre Hairstyle for Short Hair - Cute Short Hairstyles with Braid

Here’s a hot hairstyle for medium-length hair that’s anything but ‘middle of the road’!  The intense copper red is easier to achieve on fair hair. One side has been braided to create the appearance of a very short asymmetrical profile, contrasting with the longer side that also has a splash of yellow.

Hi-fashion warm cocoa-brown on long layered hair with deep red ombre

Straight Long Hair Style with Black, Red Color

Here’s a long hairstyle that suits anyone with an oval face and medium to thick straight hair.  The center-parting and heavily layered outline at the front echoes the oval shape of the face in a flattering way.  Heavily textured tips and the rich red ombre hair color add loads of personality to this haircut!

Radiant reverse red ombre hairstyle on long blonde bob haircut

Stylish Shouder Length Hairstyle - Ombre Hair

Red roots are a hugely popular hair color trend and this medium, straight haircut is the perfect style for smoothly graduated hair color ideas. The top section is a rich light red-brown that moves seamlessly through copper to copper-blonde at the ends.

Dramatic cherry-red flames on extra-long brunette hair

Red balayage

This very dramatic red ombre hairstyle has added hair extensions to give extra thickness and length for this special-occasion hair design.  The hair is layered to create lots of different levels of ‘flaming’ waves. The brown top cascades into a cherry-red ombre – from ear-level to the ends of those wonderful, defined, tangled waves!

Bright burnt-orange to light copper-red ombre for long hair

balayage ombre

This is another dramatic look designed to accentuate the perfect pale skin tones of the model.  The top is an intense shade of burnt-orange that gradually transforms into flaming orange tips.  The hair has long layers with loose waves creating lots of exciting texture and color dimension!

Spectacular purple-red ombre hair color ideas on long dark wavy hair

Ombre Hairstyles with Curly Long Hair - Women Haircut

To glamorize coffee brown or black long hair, consider adding a deep purple-red ombre that suits darker skin tones better than copper.  This gorgeous cascade of waves has a dark purple top and tips, with a horizontal band of color creating a lovely pinky-red ombre in-between!

Prom/party-ready long straight red ombre hairstyles with copper-blonde tips

Ombre Hairstyle for Straight Long Hair

This is a great hairstyle for an evening on the town, a party or a prom.  The rich red color adds sophistication to long hair parted off-center to suit an oval to round face.  And the heavily textured tips with a short copper-blonde ombre, accentuate a neckline that shows just the right amount of decolletage!

Warm red-brown long hair with copper-red ombre and defined waves

Beauty Red Hair - Balayage Ombre

This long wavy hairstyle is more brown-red than true-red and that gives the color a more natural finish.  The lighter copper-red ombre is perfectly harmonized with the auburn shade above.  Defined twisty waves add a trendy, textured finish to the softly flowing, V-shaped back.

Windswept wavy long hair with sunset-orange ombre and blonde tips

Most Popular and Hottest Hair Color

All shades of red ombre hair look great against a background of black clothes! So this is one of the perfect hair color ideas to wear with this season’s trendy black leather jackets. It’s a more contemporary twist on the blonde hair/leather jacket look from years ago and has tons more style and personality!

Urban-chic long messy glam hairstyle in ox-blood fading to beige

Balayage Ombre Hairstyle

Gold sequins and gold lame fashion clothes are both making a come-back as part of the vintage look from the 60’s.  Show you’re not just following, but creating your own fashion fusion by wearing the edgiest hair color trends.  Ox-blood on top becomes scarlet then coral-beige blonde in a fabulously trendy look!

Gorgeously unique wavy long blonde hair with purple-red to pinky-beige blend

Hair Color Ideas - Medium, Layered Curly Hairstyle

This cute wavy hairstyle is a great party look with a multitude of subtle balayage shades added to a coral-blonde base.  The top section has pretty shades of violet above copper-blonde highlights on springy, defined waves creating a fabulous mix of colors and textures!

Minimalist chic black to red ombre on straight long bob haircut

Black to Pink Ombre Hair - Blunt, Straight Long Bob Haircut

Red ombre hair color ideas – On a minimalist straight medium bob haircut, this bright red ombre beneath a black top and crown is just right.  The red ombre is carefully graduated through a deep pink-red tone and changes to a lovely rich orange-red that looks fantastic with black clothes.  Very chic!

Dazzling sunset-orange and red ombre on long straight hair

Red Ombre Hair - Red and Blonde

This expertly graduated dip-dye/orange-red ombre is another sophisticated look for long layered hair. It’s art copying nature – inspired by the idea of a sun-bleached, grown-out look on red hair.  But this finished look is a lot more polished and glossy than nature can provide!

Laid-back smooth & warm brown-red to blonde ombre on long hair

Stylish Hair Color for Medium Hair

This subtle red-brown is a medium shade, so the contrasting blonde dip-dye/ombre is softer and the effect more laid-back. Placing the blonde shade at the tips makes the ends seem thicker allowing heavily textured tips to create a spiky, edgy texture!

And these are just a few of the fabulous new red-hair color ideas for this season!  Copper tones look great with porcelain pale skin and purple-red suits darker skin colors.  But remember to consult an experienced colorist to get exactly the right shades for your summer red ombre hair color ideas!

And here are some more omber and balayage hair ideas of red color, enjoy.

red ombre hair
red ombre hair
shades of red - red ombre hair styles
shades of red – red ombre hair styles
red balayage lob hairstyles
red balayage lob hairstyles
Brunette hair color with burnished blonde highlights
Brunette hair color with burnished blonde highlights
red hair color ideas for medium hair
red hair color ideas for medium hair
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