Short Haircut for Women- Textured Side Parting Hairstyle with Bangs

Textured Side Parting Hairstyle with Bangs

Easy daily hairstyle for women – textured hairstyle with bangs

This ultra-blonde short hairstyle is part of the trend for platinum-blonde, ash-blonde and silvery-grey shades in the latest hairstyles 2015-2016. This is a short haircut for fine or medium-textured hair with all the movement leading to the model’s face.

The cut is a cap-shape, cut in close at the nape with long side points reaching below the ears and combed onto the cheeks to frame the face. Although it’s a straight style, it’s not a smooth look and the layers have been styled with a comb to create a raised, ruffled texture around the texture and back.

Combed forwards from the crown, the fringe is heavy covering most of the forehead except for a neat triangle of skin below the parting. The result is an unusual, but very fashionable new look that shows off the eyes and lips. The light blonde shade stops this ‘cap’ short haircut from being too severe and creates the illusion of a soft feminine hairdo. It would also work on darker hair, if you added plenty of light-blonde, gold or copper highlights to ‘lift’ the colour density.

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