Short Layered Red Pixie Cut with Side Swept Bangs

Short Layered Red Pixie Cut with Side Swept Bangs

On rich chestnut hair, this short haircut is the perfect way to style fine, straight hair for a fashionable look that takes very little ‘styling time’! Short hairstyles with layers that are light enough to stand up on their own are always a good idea for fine hair.

There’s plenty of added texture in this youthful short hairstyle from the razor-cut short layers. Both sides are carefully cut around the ears in a fairly symmetrical way, with the top styled over the head to create asymmetry.

It’s also a great cut for varying your style to suit different occasions. Combed forwards you’ll get a full deep fringe, which is another of this year’s hot looks. With the fringe styled up and back you can sport a trendy pompadour adding length to the face.

On a heart-shaped face it’s also a great way to minimise a wide forehead and bring the focal point down to those pretty blue eyes, and away from a narrow chin. So cute and neat or tousled and wild, who says short pixie haircuts limit your styling options!


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