Sophia Bush’s Shoulder Length Hairstyle – Pretty Dark Casual Ringlets

Best medium hairstyle - shoulder length hairstyle Sophia Bush hair style

Latest popular medium length hairstyle for summer: Dark and glossy, Sophia’s trendy, casual style doesn’t need any added highlights!

The theme is a relaxed look emphasised by the blurred parting.  The cut is one-length, with a few shorter strands cut to fall around the face to soften the line.

Lovely, shiny strands fall over the sides of the face, highlighting Sophia’s lovely grey eyes and perfect smile beautifully!

The lower lengths are styled in fat, loose ringlets and tousled to break up the curls and add lots of natural volume.

The light reflected from the lively movement and texture creates pretty, chestnut highlights in this fabulously feminine and contemporary look! This is a great prom hairstyle for medium length hair.

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