Stunning Casual Boho Herring-bone Braid – Braided Long Hair for Girls

Casual Boho Herring-bone Braid for long hair

This casual style simply oozes Boho style and contemporary chic!

The hair is loosely swept back away from the face, leaving wispy long strands at the sides for a relaxed look.  The hair is loosely gathered at a low point below the nape and braided into a slightly messy herring-bone plait which continues down the back.  The ends of the braid are left fashionably loose emphasising the relaxed styling.

The hair is expertly highlighted in several harmonising shades of golden blonde, which create an additional exciting layer of texture, beautifully accentuating the stunning herring-bone pattern of the plait!

For sophisticated, yet casual styling this fabulous hair design is pretty hard to beat! This is a great braided hairstyle for summer!

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