The Best Hair Masques For Every Hair Type

We all know that summer months are challenging for any hair type.

One of my favorite products to keep my hair highly moisturized, less frizzy and full of nutrients for the summer months is a hair masque. What is a hair masque, though?

A hair masque is essentially a deep conditioning treatment for your hair. Made with various natural and sometimes organic ingredients, a hair masque is used to restore moisturize, healthiness and vibrancy to your hair. Unlike a leave-in conditioner, hair masques are more intense and best used for treatment purposes, so one application every day for a week until hair reaches desired results OR once a week to maintain moisture. The best way to apply hair masques is to start at the root on the hair and massage into your head moving the product down to the ends of the hair.

What hair masques should you try?

For Curly Hair

Brocato Curlkarma Energizing Treatment:
Brocato Hair MasqueA hair masque that gives my curly hair the extra strength and volume I’ve been looking for during these Spring months. I highly recommend this for curly hair because of the natural formulation and frizz-reducing effects.

For Thick Hair:

Wella Enrich Moisturizing Treatment

True to what it promises, this masque gave even my weighed down curls a high gloss effect. A perfect formulation for ladies with very straight hair, this masque gives hair a super smooth effect.

For Damaged Hair:

It’s a 10 Miracle Hair Mask

Ideal for damaged hair, this hair masque gives hair a very smooth, fresh and revitalized effect. Light enough to be used as a daily conditioner, but intensive enough to be used as a periodic masque, we highly recommend this hair masque for anyone with damaged hair!

For any hair type:

DIY Hair Masque

For those of us busy gals on the go, there are hundreds of recipes for DIY hair masques! If you pair a DIY hair masque in tandem with salon hair care products, your hair can be super smooth and fabulous this spring and summer. With just a quick search and some natural ingredients, you can make your own hair masque.

Have you tried a hair masque?

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