Tousled Curly Hairstyle: Shattered Platinum Blonde Look on Long Hair – Taylor Momsen’s Hairstyle

Tousled curly hair style for long hair - Taylor Momsen's Hairstyle

Trendy long hair style for women: tousled platinum blonde hair style

Taylor is showing more confidence and individual style these days and this is reflected in this stunning blonde style.

Her long hair is cut into choppy layers with heavily textured, razored ends giving spiky edgy tips.  The lengths are cleverly styled in defined, separate strands reflecting so much light that they have a unique, shattered appearance!

The top has a trendy, blurred centre-parting above shorter face-framing lengths creating an angular divided fringe. This high-fashion look is a departure from Taylor’s previous, smooth styles and has lots more character and a strong, urban-chic vibe.

The look definitely subverts the long, blonde pretty look and this is emphasised by Taylor’s bold, black eye-liner which maybe hints at a new trend – zombie-chic!

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