Trendy Short Cut for Women – The Shaved Pixie Cut

Trendy short hairstyle for women

Cool stylish short hairstyle for women – the shaved pixie cut

One fabulous short haircut styled and then shaved to demonstrate two completely different looks – love it! The first profile is a trendy pixie styled forwards with an asymmetric side-swept fringe graduated into thick side-points softening the outline. The silhouette is round making the whole style just like a pixie’s cap, with added texture from the blonde highlights accentuating the forward movement. So far, so good!

Picture 2 (underneath) shows there’s more to this trendy short cut than first thought. The back is clipped-in close to the nape with very chic swept-across movement above adding a touch of elegance.

Then we see the hair after a little more cutting, with the back asymmetrically styled and one side clipped short up towards the crown. The deep side-parting separates the hair into porcupine spikes with a softening curve above and an edgy shaved section below.

The final photo shows a ‘boy-cut’ shaved side in all its glory, contrasted with a feminine comb-over on the other! The perfect short haircut for bold gals who’re full of surprises!

This versatile short hairdo will need a little product to style and regular trims to maintain shape, and perfect for women with round, oval, heart, or Triangular face shapes.
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