Trendy Short Funky Faux-Hawk Haircut for Women – Miley Cyrus Short Hairstyle

Miley Cyrus Short Spiked Fauxhawk Haircut - Spiky Haircut for Summer

Here is Miley Cyrus’ latest new short cut, she sports a new fresh funky spiked faux-hawk cut recently. The mohawk and fauxhawk are popular in men, but both haircuts also popular and look great on female! If you want to get a new funky cut this summer, why not have a try? Here is Miley Cyrus’ spiked faux-hawk!

This short funky light blonde spiked up hairstyle is clipper cut around the back and sides blending into the top which is jagged cut to achieve height and texture making it a great style to balance out a round face.

This cool stylish low-fuss fauxhawk haircut is great for hot days, and it is easy to maintain with regular trims every 5 weeks and needs only a small amount of product for hold and shine. Do you love this new short cut from Miley Cyrus?

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