22 Trendy Short Haircuts & Hairstyles

Trendy Short Haircuts You Have to Ser

Too hot to deal with long locks? Tired of struggling with unruly tresses down your back? Maybe you’re just looking for a change, but whatever your reasoning is for shorter hair, you’re sure to fall in love with one of these trendy styles.

Firey Red Layered Pixie

Cutting your locks to indulge in a pixie style doesn’t mean chopping off your entire mane. This look proves that you can leave plenty of room for styling with lengthy layers, shorter in the back for a bit of a funky twist. With a firey red hue such as this, you’re sure to turn heads.

Buzz Cut Pixie

If you’re absolutely tired of dealing with long tresses and want something that is the epitome of simple, then this is your next look. It’s daring, it’s chic, and you’ll never have to touch another styling tool as long as you live (with this hairstyle, that is). Take the plunge and buzz it all for the simplest ‘do of your life.

Extreme Angled Graduated Bob

Some bobs are subtle and cute, but this look is tantalizing and fierce. Whether you’ve got some cool tattoos to show off or not, this is a fiercely angled graduated bob that comes with some extreme rigidness that’s both edgy and stylish. Throwing in some highlights adds depth to this already dimensional bob.

Knotted Pixie

A quick half updo is a cinch when you’ve got gorgeous platinum pixie hair! She simply tosses her shorter locks into a unique knotted half updo, leaving her mane with plenty of cute body with flirty attitude.

Undercut with Babylights

This posh style is for the artsy gal who just doesn’t have time to deal with long locks! A great look for any season, her pixie is influenced with a charming undercut, leaving plenty of length up top for simple styling. To ensure those piecey layers stand tall, she throws in some light brown babylights to her dark brown roots.

Bedhead Layered Pixie

Giving your lengthy pixie cut a quick tousle leaves that bedhead impression that’s both casual AND sexy- who knew you could be both simultaneously? For days where you’re rushing out the door but still want to look hot, just mess up those tresses and be on your way.

Purple Ombre Lob

Lobs are the ideal candidate for ladies who want a bit shorter hair without going overboard; and as far as lobs are concerned, this is undoubtedly one of the trendiest looks to achieve. Midnight purple roots are enhanced with a metallic violet hue beneath, a glamorous finish that looks graceful and trendy on that lengthy bob.

Asymmetrical Colorful Bob

Asymmetry is undoubtedly avant-garde and modern, but dousing your asymmetrical bob in some wild and funky hues really brings it to life. The color contrast here is simply stunning, with a magical effect that can’t be ignored. Hints of sea foam green with gray strewn throughout is contrasted brilliantly by deep indigo on one side of her bob- SO radical.

Wavy Gray/Purple Bob

So sweet, so soft; her look is the epitome of graceful styling. Soft waves on her blunt cut bob loosens up the rigid ends a bit while also charming up her intriguing color combination of gray and purple. With lengthy bangs swept delicately over one eye, she creates a majestic finish that’s unbelievably coy.

Long Layered Pixie

Girls with thin hair may fear a short cut, thinking they may lose any body left in their fine textured manes; but this couldn’t be any more false! A cute pixie cut like this actually bulks up the tresses, with plenty of lengthy layers creating instant volume. And instead of leaving her hair one-noted, she indulges in a variety of highlights and lowlights to create depth. Great choice for thin hair.

Silver Side Swept Bowl Cut

Whoever said a bowl cut couldn’t be cute and trendy has obviously never seen this cool style! A side swept bowl cut creates plenty of body and bulk up top, while also remaining youthful and stylish. Silver hues really amplify the trendiness of this look for a fine finish that pairs well with dark eyes and lighter lips.

Mermaid Bob

Mermaid hair isn’t just for lustrous long locks! You can recreate that whimsical appearance with a lengthy asymmetrical bob haircut, ensuring your tresses are charmed with magical hair coloring like deep blues and sea foam greens against dark roots to match the beauty of the ocean.

Dark Red Side Swept Bowl Cut

Dark red hair evokes passion, mystery, and luxury. It’s the epitome of sophistication, yet the bold and deep hue is softened by a voluminous bowl cut with tapered side swept bangs for a touch of funky contrast that frames the face beautifully.

Spunky Layered Bob

Creating instant volume and delightful texture to your Bob is as easy as throwing in an immaculate amount of layers! Her short choppy layers offer some whimsical spunk and a youthful glow that pairs nicely with lengthy side bangs.

Ultra Long Bob

This look has a very natural appeal that older women will enjoy. Her lengthy Bob has a subtle angle to create some depth, while the front captures beauty with some long bangs tousled up. Leaving her locks a natural shade of blonde with a few simple highlights ensures her looks is both fabulous and professional.

Side Shave Bob

Want to instantly take your Bob from cute to edgy? Then shave off one side and call it a day! It’s certainly an “out there” look that’s not for everyone, but if you’re daring and wild, take on the challenge of this funky yet totally trendy Bob.

Tri-Color Shoulder Length Cut

You may chop your locks to shoulder length and think “this is cute, but it’s missing depth”. Your answer? A tri-color ombré coloring scheme. Dark roots gently lead to platinum ends, a combo that’s both eye-catching yet sultry.

Color with Short Sides

A cut such as this can lack the attention it needs when left all one color, so make that spunky cut come to life with some vibrant shades. The brighter tones bring out the unique layers of this look while simultaneously brightening her complexion- a win-win situation.

Balayage Lob

Don’t let those long layers get lost in translation; instead, bring them to life in a way that’s nature and sexy- with some balayage highlights! And by simply applying some loose curls to her mane, she adds a flirty dimension that makes the highlights the center of attention. Love this look for a day in the office or out on the town.

Super Long Layered Lob

This is the optimal choice for the lady who wants shorter more manageable strands without completely losing length. The style is casual but appealing, with some super longer layers to add a bit of flirty depth in the look. Love this cut and color!

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