Trendy Short Stacked Bob Hairstyle for Women

Side view of stacked bob haircut

Latest popular haircut for short hair – the stacked bob cut

Simple, natural and easy-to-style – what’s not to like about the trend for short haircuts with an edgy stack-cut back! On thick hair, you can get some amazing natural volume and although we, (or should I say, I), last saw this short haircut in the late 1960’s (when I was a very little girl!), it still looks modern and elegant.

This was the favorite short hairstyle of the trend-setting 17/18 year old teens who were just about to leave school, so it’s always stuck in my mind as a highly sophisticated and glamorous look. I think stands up brilliantly as a high fashion hairstyle for 2015-2016, too!

The front can be worn with a centre-parting, (if you are one of the minority of women who has a perfectly oval face), or a side parting – depending on what flatters your face-shape. The front tresses make a lovely frame around the face, needing no fringe, just a diagonal fall of hair across the face if you have a side parting. This short cut is perfect for oval, round, square faces.

And as if that wasn’t enough, the length – which curves in slightly on either side of the chin – is also one of the most universally flattering lengths!

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