Trendy Two Tone Short Hairstyle for Black Women

Trendy Two Tone Short Haircut for Black Women

Cool short haircut for African American women – the two tone short haircut for thick hair

If you were wondering what new colour tricks the hairdressing industry was going to pull out of the hat for 2015, this is one of the major new looks!

Dark, warm and scrumptious colours make this short haircut irresistable for high-fashion fans with thick hair. The stacked cut back shows off the nape of the neck and the disconnected layer dropping down over the ears creates a super ‘V’ at the sides.

Colourwise this is a fabulous blend of tortoiseshell colours including shades of copper, strawberry-blonde, caramel, cocoa-brown and jet-black at the nape! The heavy asymmetrical fringe section in this short haircut, means there’s still plenty of hair to play with and the blend of three shades around the front warms and softens the complexion.

In the first photo, you can see the cocoa-brown colour on the back layers, from the crown down to the top of the sculpted stack. And finally, the strong shape of the stacked-nape is dramatically accented with deep jet black!

It’s eye-catching, but not ‘in-your-face’ brash, offering a sophisticated style that’s great for straight black hair or brunettes. This is a great short haircut for black women, if you want to cut your hair short this season, why not try this one?

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