Vanessa Hudgens Latest Haircut: Short Black Wavy Bob Cut

Vanessa Hudgens Short Black Wavy Bob Hairstyle

Cute short curly hairstyles for 2013
Here is a cute short curly bob haircut from Vanessa Hudgens, this is her latest new hairstyle, she cut her sexy long wavy hairstyle some days ago and show off her new short dark hair in tousled waves here.

It seems more and more celebrities cut their long hair cut in recent years, few of them always keep in long or short hairstyles, just like Miley Cyrus (Miley Cyrus’ short pixie haircut), who cut her long hair into a very short pixie cut on August, 2012, then got a lot comments on her hair. It’s really a small thing for someone who cut their hair short, but why Miley was noticed by so many people? One thing I think is the short cut is not look good on Miley. Here Vanessa Hudgens also cut her hair short, but she looks great with this curly bob, not too long too short.

Vanessa Hudgens Latest Hairstyle: Short Black Wavy Haircut

Vanessa Hudgens Latest Hairstyle Short Black Wavy Haircut
Side view of short black curly bob hairstyle /Getty Images
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