Vivica A. Fox Short Hairstyle: Spiky Razor Cut

Vivica A Fox Spiky Razor Hairstyle

African American Short Hairstyles: Vivica A. Fox Layered Short Razor Haircut
Just in case any boastful aliens ever decide to brag about the supreme beauty of their extraterrestrial womenfolk, Vivica A. Fox has accomplished the task of putting earthling ladies firmly in first place of the entire universe with the eye-catching cropped hairstyle that she wore to the premiere of Men in Black 3.

Bangs embrace her temples but the rest of her hair is curled up, up, up, in adorable “reach for the stars” spikes. She is so stunning that we almost forget to notice her tailored white pantsuit and pointy white shoes with metallic tips. Almost, but not quite!  There is no need always to stay your hair in curly and black, if you love this short spiked cut, why not have a try?

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