4 Easy Ways to Pamper Your Clients

IP lounges. Champagne and chocolate covered strawberries. iPads at the styling stations.

Salons have truly been stepping up their games to pamper clients, giving them a truly relaxing and high-end experience. But the glitz and glamour alone won’t win clients over if they don’t feel special in the eyes of their stylist. Here are some little ways to pamper your clients that show appreciation in huge ways.

1. Send a card

Birthdays, anniversaries, congrats, thinking of you – in the land of email blasts and social media, a good ol’ fashioned handwritten note makes a significant impact. Your clients will know you think they’re special if you take the time to wish them a happy birthday, congratulate them on their new baby, or simply send a friendly note wishing them well if they haven’t been in the salon for a while.

2. Prepare special samples

No one knows your clients’ hair like you do. Consider putting together samples just for them based on hair type or common problems you know they face. Have them ready to hand out during an appointment – perhaps in a nice, pretty bag – as a thank you (and a way to transition into a talk about that Paul Mitchell Dry Wash the salon is now carrying).

3. Be happy to see them

It’s easy to start to feel comfortable with clients – sometimes a little too comfortable. Knowing clients well is a definite plus, but if you’re overly comfortable,  they might start to feel not so special. Even if they’ve been your client for ten years, treat them like they’re walking into the salon for the first time. Remember:

  • Smile and warmly greet them.
  • Be on time! If a previous appointment is running over, be upfront. Apologize, and offer a refreshment or anything else that makes their wait comfortable and pleasant.
  • Look professional. Being put together shows you have respect for yourself and your job, and helps put clients at ease.
  • Be engaged. It’s easy to get distracted or feel frazzled by a bad day., but that doesn’t mean you should take your attention away from your client or the task at hand.

4. Consider their needs outside the salon

Clients expect you take care of their hair. They don’t expect you to help them pick out the perfect holiday card or introduce them to their new favorite coffee shop. During high gift purchasing times – Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas – consider having a small display of ready-to-purchase cards, gift bags or boxes, or offer to neatly package the gift for them. Also consider ways to pair with other local businesses to treat your clients. For example, do a swap with the local coffee shop where they give you vouchers for a free drink to give to loyal clients and you give them coupons for samples or discounted services they can give to select clients. Some salons also give or encourage small monthly budgets for stylists to spend on client gifts.

No matter which route you choose to go – and with a bit of creativity, there are many – just remember one thing: Genuine efforts to show you appreciate your stylist-client relationship will always make a positive impact in your clients’ eyes!

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