15 Balayage Hairstyles for Women with Long Hair – Balayage Hair Color Ideas

Balayage is branching out and inspiring lots of artistic highlight designs that couldn’t be more different from the vertical highlights that were the only choice for ages!  Before vertical highlights appeared on Ginger Spice’s hair and took over completely, balayage highlighting was used in all hairdressing salons. Although it didn’t have a fancy French name in those days!  Today’s hairstyles are more varied than ever and the only rule is: there are no rules!  So take a look at these gorgeous balayage hairstyles designed to inspire your fantastic new look:

Long & lovely golden blonde

Balayage Highlights for Wavy Hair

Flowing waves on healthy hair are one of the most attractive hairstyles you can get.  This style is cut into a soft V-shape at the back with warm blonde balayage concentrated on the lower lengths. Soft waves and blonde waves frame the face in a gorgeous, natural-looking hairdo.

Extra-long waves with edgy gray and neutral-blonde balayage

Black and Chestnut Hair

The huge waves on this model’s hair are one of the latest trends for long hair creating the deepest wave pattern ever!  The soft brown color is achieved by adding beige to brunette hair and this cutting-edge hair color design uses gray and light beige-blonde balayage to reflect light from the lovely, flowing waves.

Cute beige-blonde with face-framing waves

Ultra-long Waves

Neutral-blonde shades vary from ash-blondes to soft beige-blonde and choosing the best tone for your complexion is crucial.  This model’s pale skin-tone has warm undertones which look lovely with the taupe top and flattering light-beige balayage creating a softly waved face frame.

Gorgeous chestnut-brown waves with subtle gold-blonde

Chocolate Highlights

One of the reasons balayage ombré styles have become so popular is their natural look when compared to straight-line highlighting.  This is a really appealing dual-blonde balayage that accentuates the lovely movement and texture of glossy waves with muted blonde.

Soft & natural long hair with subtle balayage ombre

Brown and Golden Hair

Another natural look with a balayage ombre just a tone or two lighter than the light-brown top, on this long hairstyle with gorgeous, thick waves at the ends.  The waves are varied in shape and direction creating extra volume and an attractive casual finish.

Chic new iced hair colors

Ombre Straight Hair

Iced colors are a hot, new trend for this year and although the idea of a warm-copper-and-silver-blonde hair dye seems hard to imagine, this image showcases it perfectly!  These beautifully blended copper, beige and silver-blonde shades catch the light and change constantly on a straight, casual look with curvy tips.

Stunning waterfall waves in contrasting colors

Black and Brown Hair

This unconventional combination of intense coffee-brown with medium blonde, light-brown and white balayage ombré is a fabulous new look.  Long, thick hair in a cascade of waves has the density for adding several highlight colors creating a fantastic overall effect.

Edgy shaggy layers with balayage

Straight Hair with Blonde Highlights

Add some shaggy style to long hair and bring it right up-to-date with long layers and uneven textured tips.  This follows the trend for a band of highlighted, waved or shaggy-cut hair between a smooth top and the ends.  The tips are accentuated by ash-blonde contrasting with the soft beige tones.

Every day long style & white-blonde balayage ombré

Blonde and Sliver Hair

You don’t really need to do anything much to style this look for daily wear.  It has a fashionable, dip-dye graduation from light-brown roots, through golden blonde to finish in bone-white ombre at the tips.  Notice how white balayage seems to pop-out from darker colors in a 3-D effect!

‘Octopus’ technique balayage in several colors

Subtle Waves for Long Hair

Balayage hair color ideas 2017: Brown, silver, pale-gold and white shades makes these fabulously flowing waves gleam with a pearly finish.  Using three or four balayage shades is easy now colorists have moved away from using ‘foils’.  Long hair is spread out on a table behind the client and several different colors can be painted on the ‘0ctopus’ strands!

Dip-dye color fade in gold-blonde shades

Bright Golden Hair

This is a graduated ombré inspired by the bleaching effect sunshine has on long hair and how the new growth in fall and winter is darker.  The effect has been exaggerated for a trendier look and the defined waves with contrasting color-depth add lots of density to long hair.

Easy-care brunette hairstyle with icy tones

Blonde and Sliver Highlights

Skin-tones with a warm undertone can wear the latest iced-brown hair colors with cool-blonde balayage for a fashionable, daily hairstyle that can be worn naturally straight or with defined waves.  This gently tousled hairstyle has a V-shaped back highlighted in medium beige-blonde for a casual look.

Glamorous striped balayage on long hair

Golden Hairstyle

How many different shades are there in this fabulous highlighting design?  I couldn’t say, but the overall effect on this model’s thick hair is amazing.  Layer upon layer of color shading making the hair seem even thicker!  Just imagine this gorgeous balayage hair arranged in an upstyle!

Volume-boosting wave pattern & balayage for fine hair

Ombre Hair

A mix of colors, in combination with tousled, defined waves are great ways to make fine hair look thicker, but the tapered V-shaped back in this image, makes the model’s lower lengths appear thin.  Long, fine hair should have blunt-cut tips and a more-or-less same length outline, to make hair appear denser.

Warm medium blonde ombré on brunette waves

Blonde Highlights for Long Waves

Along with the neutral, cool colors the golden-brown shades have made a big comeback this year.  And lots of brunettes are trying out the lighter shades in warm ombré graduations that highlight the movement of loose waves and add texture.

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