Cute Korean Hairstyle for Girls: Long Brown Hair With Bangs

This is a sweet long hairstyle from Korea, if you are looking for a new cute long straight Asian hairstyle, this long brown straight hair with cute bangs is for you.

Long straight hair with curls at the end of the hair, there is no need to wear straight hair or curly hair only, you can combine straight hair and curly hair in one! The bangs looks great with this hair.

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  • Dr Hank

    i am asian girl
    and i am getting my hair done sooon.
    i have a long face…

    what color should i dye my hair to?
    right now i have dark brown/blackish hair
    and i really DO wanna dye my hair to something different like light brown.
    i dont want highlights or REd hair.
    any ideas?
    i kinda wanna dye my hair like this.
    the girl on the RIGHT.
    do you know what color her hair is?
    i want the front bang like hers too
    should i get the front bang?
    because ppl said ppl with long face look good with the front bang.
    its sunmi

    i amkorean
    r u korean too?