Classic French Braid Updo - Loose French Braid for Prom

Fabulously Fashionable French Braid: Classic Loose French Braid

Classic French braid with loose, sideways twist! – Loose French Braid for Valentine’s Day
This fabulously fashionable French Braid shows the incredible versatility of plaiting once again, in this smooth, asymmetrical style!

The hair was brushed back lightly off the face to drape over the ears in a soft sweep. Then an unusual diagonal braid was created covering the back of the head. The loosely woven braid creates large links in the hair and a touch of casual volume. The braid finishes at the other side of the head forming a trendy, asymmetric back view.

The beautifully harmonised highlights accentuate the woven look and the dramatic dark brown sections give this softly draped style a final touch of contemporary edge!

Do you want to know how to style this beautiful Loose French Braid? You can find out the tutorial in this exciting ebook 30 Braids in 30 Days. This cool hair style book has 80 pages of all tips, tricks, cheats and techniques at your fingertips.

Inside you’ll also find the how-to instructions to the essential braids of this series such as the Dutch braid hairstyle, Waterfall braid hairstyles, Classic braids, French braids, Fishtail braid and the Hair Romance signature Twist & Pin technique. Check it out here.

Classic French Braid Updo - Loose French Braid for Prom

Classic French Braid Updo – Loose French Braid for Prom

Perfect Valentine's Day Hairstyle - Loose French Braid with Sideway Twist

Perfect Valentine’s Day Hairstyle – Loose French Braid with Sideway Twist

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2 thoughts on “Waterfall Braid with Curls (Back View)”

  1. Big Banger says:[email protected]/
    this is me. my hair is naturally straight very long and thick. it goes to my mid back. it is all one length and i do have “side- bangs” but they are very long past my chin and i like to pin them back. i need help with homecoming hair please id like it curled but not all down and somehow my bangs pulled back. my dress is tight fitting with one sleeve. can you please tell me what my hair would look best as?

    I also like this style and various other half up half down styles.

    so if someone could describe how to do that it would be very much appreciated!!!

  2. Random says:

    This is me in my dress :

    (sorry it’s not the best photo and my eyes look super black, but oh wellll)

    I was thinking about maybe doing a waterfall braid across the crown of my head and then curling the ends… but I’m not sure.

    What’s your advice? What hair style would be best?

    Thank you!

    My dress looks blue in the picture, but it’s purple 🙂

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