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Hair Color Ideas: Blue Sky Creativity – Jagged Sapphire Bob

Latest Hair Color Ideas: Cool blue hair! This stunning example of blue-sky thinking – ‘open-minded thinking where the limits to creativity are as wide and clear as the blue sky’ showcases Silvia’s creative cutting and Birgit’s mastery over colour flawlessly!

Sharp & Shaggy

From a side parting, the hair was cut into long layers expertly textured and waxed at the ends to produce shaggy points when styled. The lightly up-flicked movement supplies volume and a super-trendy jagged profile, contrasting with the smooth long fringe.

Blended blues

Emphasising the futuristic elements in the style, Birgit’s fabulous blending of rich shades of blue from dark sapphire to blue lagoon completes this fantastic, fashion leading hair design beautifully!

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  3. che-che says:

    i need some cute hairstyles for a dance/party thing
    i have a red tank top with some short jean shorts.
    my hair is brunette, curly, and very thick its about 2 1/2 inches below my shoulders
    got any cute hairstyles for me?
    i have a straightener and a culing iron too.
    oh sorry i forgot to mention i dont have bangs…sorry

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