Kristen Stewart Loose Wavy Hairstyles
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Kristen Stewart Loose Long Wavy Hairstyle for Holidays

Sexy long loose beachy waves hairstyle for women: Kristen Stewart plays it trés chic by stepping out in style with her signature long, dark, wavy tresses, her hair color is dark brown this time.

Long layers are cut throughout the lengths of the hair, with slightly shorter cuts around to frame her delicate face. The hair is parted deep to one side and spritz with a heat protective spray while the hair is still wet. It is then very roughly blow dried till the hair is slightly damp and then left to dry naturally. Over drying the hair can lead to frizzy, stressed and brittle hair, so letting it dry naturally not only will give some protection but will leave you with that gorgeous beachy wave.

This long wavy hairstyle is great for women under 30, and perfect for those with round, oval, heart, and triangular face shapes.

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4 thoughts on “Jennifer Aniston Hairstyles: Pictures of Jennifer Aniston Haircuts”

  1. sarah w says:

    So ive had this haircut for a while now. (Look at more pictures by clicking the arrows)
    Ive grown it out to below my shoulders, but its getting in my way and im bored with the hairstyle. I want something a little different. I know long beachy waves are in right now, but i dont want to look like all the other girls at my school. I want something shorter, medium to long bob length. I need to be able to pull it back for sports. Im getting highlights tomorrow, and ill cut it tomorrow too if i figure out what i want. I like these:,r:23,s:0,i:157&iact=rc&page=1&tbnh=182&tbnw=123&start=0&ndsp=26&tx=68&ty=53,r:22,s:0,i:156&iact=rc&page=1&tbnh=184&tbnw=124&start=0&ndsp=27&tx=93&ty=85,r:20,s:0,i:156&iact=rc&page=2&tbnh=191&tbnw=153&start=17&ndsp=34&tx=94&ty=46

    I want something just above my shoulders with layers. But other than that, im not sure. SOOOOO…. Suggestions? OH! and if you think i might look good with a pixie or a long pixie, please feel free to say so, along with any other hair ideas.
    Thank You So Much!!!
    Im about 5′ 8″ if that helps. And im in shape, so im not heavy. And i have an oval-ish heart face shape.

  2. apleaforbrandon says:

    I’m getting my hair cut and wondered if you could give me any hairstyles that would suit my face and features. Thanx 4 ur help!!

    follow this link for a pick of me…

    there are other pics of me on the facebook page look all you want!!
    (Copy the link to the bar at the top of the page)

  3. Dr Hank says:

    I have been looking through many pictures of medium layered hairstyles. Mine is looking dead and i was watching an episode of friends and i think that that cut is so cute. It’d be perfect b/c my hair is kind of similar i think. Neway i was wondering how is rachals hair cut in that. Well obviously its layered but is each section cut, like the front, back. Does that make sense?
    it’s not “the rachel”. the one i’m talking about the one that is a little longer and sleeker.

  4. Chester says:

    also do you think it would look good on a pale skinned light brown haired girl with an oval shaped thin face?!

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