Kristen Stewart Long Red Wavy Hairstyles
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Kristen Stewart Sexy Layered Long Red Wavy Hairstyle

Here is Kristen Stewart latest hairstyle, this is one of the most popular long wavy hairstyle last year, and still hot in this year, just like the ombre hair, the red hair also popular.

Kristen Stewart is casually trendy with this long wavy auburn cut. Long layers are added throughout the hair, with some slightly shorter lengths at the front to frame the face.

How to do Kristen Stewart’s hairstyle
Spritz the hair with a heat protectant spray and roughly blow dried. To give extra body and volume to the hair, blow dry upside down. For hair that is naturally quite straight, gently scrunching the hair while blow drying will add a slight wave. Once dry, the hair is loosely parted to one side. Adding some fiery Auburn tones to dark hair not only will give you a vivacious look, but will certainly get some pulses racing.

This layered long hairstyle is great for oval, oblong, heart, triangular face shapes.

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  1. Natt says:

    miley is the best !!

  2. Mackenzie P says:

    So I don’t know wheather I should cut my hair or not ? I am turning 13 after a few days 🙂 since I was born to 4 th grade I always had my hair elbow length or before my chest neither short nor tall , and from beginning of 5 th grade I always cut my hair , really short , once below my neck , once at my shoulders but really short , now I didn’t cut my hair since 7 th grade ( I an in 8 now) my hair is elbow length or even taller , I want to have my hair elbow length or much taller in 14 _18 , but I really really gonna miss short cute hair , my question if I cut 15 cm ( 6 inches ) off my hair , will it be the same length after a year?? Since hair grow 6 inches a year right ? , I just so bored of same length hair , and when I have short hair it pops and make my hair look 12 and cute 😛 p.s I bleached my hair 3 or 4 times I guess. (Biggest mistake of my life), my natural hair color is light brown , and right now my hair is maybe dark blonde , I don’t want to have long dark ends when it grow out , so please suggest anything <3 ! 🙂 sorry if my english is bad I am not an english speaker 😛

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