Loose Bun

This is a gallery of the most popular loose bun updo hairstyles from celebrities. If you are looking for a loose bun updo for wedding, or prom or other special occasion, no matter what, you can find it here.

The right updo for prom or any formal event has to be perfect. It has to fit your outfit, style, and be easy enough to wear that it’s the last thing on your mind while enjoying a night out. That’s where the formal take on a classic comes in – the bun. What tends to be the go-to style for throwing your hair up in a hurry during the day, can easily be transformed into a sleek, sexy and easy to wear updo for any event, including prom.

There is so much that can be done with a bun, and that’s what makes it such a viable option for a night out. It can be worn high, low, tight, loose, messy, sleek – the list goes on! Here are some great loose bun updos for you to choose from, hope you can find your favorite bun here. If you don’t find the perfect bun here, you can find more updos here, or find more trendy and classic hairstyles in hairstylesweekly.com gallery here.

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  • Duke

    I am terrible at hair and bad at loose/messy buns. I’be done them well like two times but I don’t know how so few times are successful.

  • arronwrath


    any links to any videos showing this?
    or you could try to explain it in words..w/e.

  • kewlflame14


    For competitions I have my hair in a ‘ballet bun’. my sister usually does this for me. we know how to do it, and it doesnt look bad, but we always have trouble trying to pin the loose hair around the bun. when i see other peoples hair, it always looks so neat and tidy, and you cant even see the hair wrapped around the bun, but i cant seem to get mine that tidy. you can sort of see the twisted hair pinned around the bun. i know some people just put scrunchies over theirs, but i dont want to have to do this, and the peoples hair i have seen dont all wear a scrunchie. Does anyone know how to do a bun, where all you can see is the bun, and not any loose hair or anything?

    Thank you. (or if you have any other good hair styles for figure skating) :-)
    Thanks for the answers. :-) i put a hair net over the bun already, and i do a donut bun with one of those donut shaped sponges. it looks alright, i was just wondering if anyone had any tips for hiding the hair that you twist around the bun, because i have quite long hair and kind of adds another small layer to my bun, which id rather not have. thanks. :-) x

  • Adam

    I don’t want it just scrunched up.. I mean an actual bun. Just want something that i can do to my hair quickly before work

  • everydayGuitarist

    I would like to put my hair in a highish loose bun. My hair is naturally straight, however i have been curling it a lot lately and i prefer it curly. Therefore, could anyone tell me how to do a loose bun with curly hair, i want it so that there is a few curls hanging out of the bun – if that makes sense. Thank you.

  • Muzahid

    Is it weird to wear to wear a loose bun to school?

    like not a bun like when you dance and stuff .

    i mean the loose bun like letting flyaways fall to the side and my bangs hang down and letting extra hair from the bun fall down.
    i plan to wear this all day. :D

    and thanks guys for the answers! i’ll pick a best answer probably in an hour or so :D