Back View of Brown, Pink, Purple Ombre Hair
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Ombre Hair Color Idea: Brown, Pink, Purple Ombre Hair

Ombre Hair Color for Summer/fall: Defined Dip-dye Waves in Pink & Purple

This sassy look is great for showing off your confident, individual sense of style!

The hair has been trimmed into an attractive graduated outline moving from shorter sides down to a V-shape at the back.  The ends are strongly textured, giving trendy edge in the finely tapered tips.

The crown is smoothly styled before merging into lovely, tousled waves that have been arranged to hang separately in a way that greatly boosts the thickness and volume.

From the dark brown colour above, the lower sections are expertly coloured with a bubble-gum pink dye, which seamlessly blends into an eye-catching shade of purple at the ends!

Fresh and fabulous, this is a totally contemporary look! Here is another ombre hair you may love, and here are more ombre hairstyles for you to choose from.

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4 thoughts on “David Beckham Haircuts: Cool Haircuts for Men”

  1. Taylor G says:

    I’m thinking about shaving my hair like David Beckham and Justin Timberlake at this link

    It does suit me but what I want to know is, is a shaved head style ever ‘in’ or ‘out’?

    This site above which is called The Style Advisor said ”The Style Advisor is definitely going for the look this summer”, which would have been the Summer past. Whilst reading a hair style magazine a few years back it said a man should, at least once in his lifetime, get his head shaved.

    So back to the question, is a shaved head style ever ‘in’ or ‘out’?

  2. Beavis says:

    My friend was hoping to get a new haircut …

    A picture of me:::

    Here is a few links on what people have suggested..feel free to give me suggestions too. Now I prob. wont have alot of time to mess with in the morning so..





    I don’t know though about # 1 since I would prob. have to straighten it every morning…..But please give me your opinions and even suggestions would be awesome.

    I also know I need to shave and do my eyebrows….

  3. Oilers says:

    I have worn a hat everyday for over 5 years becouse i cant find a hairstyle i feel sexy in. please help me find a hairstyle that will boost my confidence and allow me to throw away the hats once and for all! =]

    here are some pics of me so you can get a better idea =] thanks again! – this is like 2 years old – this one is the only one i have recently but warning its shirtless

    thanks for your help

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