Rachel Bilson Long Wavy Ombre Hair
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Sexy Loose Dark to Brown Ombre Hair for Long Hair

Rachel Bilson sexy long ombre hair: Rachel Bilson is right on trend with this classic ombre hairstyle. The lower lengths of the hair are lightened a few shades lighter than the roots for a distinctive “grown out” look.

How to do Rachel Bilson’s long wavy ombre hair?
The hairstyle is quite simple to achieve. Firstly part the hair to the side and give an allover spritz with a volumizing sea salt spray. Give the hair a tousle and leave to dry naturally; your hair will do the rest. The beauty of the ombre look is it adds a touch of color to an otherwise monotone palette; and because it is only the lengths of the hair that is colored, there is no need to touch up those unsightly roots as the hair grows.

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2 thoughts on “Summer Hair Ideas: 5 Simple Easy Hairstyles for This Summer”

  1. andresumoza says:

    Here is the deal… My boyfriend of 3 years is indian, (from India), his cousin is getting married this summer. My boyfriends mom wants me to wear an indian dress to the wedding. The problem is, is what dress should i wear? What is proper enough to wear at the wedding. I know my bf’s mother would know but I just want some ideas. and also some ideas for a hairstyle. (no i do not want to go to a hairstylist, i want something simple i can do myself and easy) and also some makeup ideas….?

    This is a Punjabi Wedding (sikh)

    But found this website http://www.kaneesha.com

    It is an indian clothing website, i am just not sure what would be ok to wear…

    Also I have dark brown hair, it is probably 3 – 5 inches from shoulders probably longer by the time of the wedding, but yes i have fair skin with brown eyes. the only colors that look good on me are purple, and browns lol

  2. Michael K says:

    I don’t have any particular ‘style’, simple tops and bottoms really.
    I’m 14. I need an idea of what I should own and some outfit ideas for all seasons please!
    Please don’t give me brands, just an idea.

    I’m reasonably skinny, boyish figure
    Brown hair, blue eyes
    Easy hairstyles too please!

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