Simple Easy Short Haircut for Women Over 30
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Simple Clean Short Haircut with Long Layers on Top

Cool trendy short haircut for mature women

This short back and sides ‘boy-cut’ is clippered very short for a slick, clean line with longer layers on top. Super-short hairstyles are a great way to accentuate a smooth complexion and an oval face shape. They can also make women look a lot younger.

The top has an eye-catching wavy texture, fabulously accentuated by platinum blonde streaks that also add colour dimension and the appearance of thicker hair. This short hairstyle uses texture and colour to create a very chic look that only needs minimal time and effort when it comes to styling. The hair is straight, but slightly waved and this flowing movement is picked up in the softly waving hairline that dips neatly down to cute little side-points.

Swept back from the forehead, this short haircut will show off a balanced face-shape or add height to a short forehead or a round face. The fringe can also be worn down and swept to one side from the off-center parting when you fancy a change!

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