22 Amazing Blue Ombre Hairstyles That Will Brighten Up Your Style

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If you’re interested in the latest ombre color trends, you absolutely must not miss today’s fabulous blue ombre gallery!  Anyone can wear blue because there are so many different shades. Light warm skin colors are perfect for wearing aqua, pale-blue and lavender.  Whereas deeper skin tones look fabulous against rich, gemstone colors like sapphire-blue and green-emerald.  You just need an expert colorist to advise you which blue is right for your warm or cool skin-tone.  So for a look at the best, blue hairstyles right now plunge into these blue waves, and straight styles!

Stunning aqua waves – dark to blue ombre hair for women

These two images of the same cut and color show the different styles and how they display the layers of color in a 3-dimensional way.  The first image has edgy waves with spiky, straightened tips tousled to reveal several shades of green and turquoise in a 3-D look making hair appear denser.

Swishy blend of purple, blue & green waves

Inspired by fields of sea-weed swaying and tangling under the sea, this attractive mix of purple, blue-indigo and green on tousled waves is a very artistic look!  Intense colors look better on dark hair as pastels tend to look weedy and washed-out.

Sheer glamor with a contemporary turquoise twist

Here’s the traditional old Hollywood glamor-look of cascading waves brought right up-to-date with a turquoise blue color that becomes a dip-dye fade in aqua.  Anyone who stepped onto a red carpet with this fantastic look would be guaranteed to hog the fashion pages for the whole season!

Eye-catching blonde to blue reverse ombré

Long blonde hair is perfect for adding pastel light-blue balayage, which becomes intense royal-blue.  Notice how much more attractive dark colors appear with pale highlights that reflect light and illuminate the fabulous movement and texture of trendy giant waves!

Stylish black with gray & cornflower-blue – dark to blue ombre hair for girls

Adding two main ombré colors means twice the style – when expertly blended like this well-judged color design.  The black top changes color gradually to dove-gray in a horizontal band around the head.  The blue ombré includes different tones creating a lovely thick and shaggy finish with the textured tips.

Amazing ‘unicorn’ colors violet, lavender, turquoise and green!

Hair color designs with several main colors are known as ‘unicorn’ color schemes.  This is because the inspiration for lots of present-day fantasy looks comes from the original My Little Pony toys from the eighties which had multi-color manes and tails!

Sophisticated sea-blue & aqua color design – dark to deep blue ombre hair for long straight hair

Love the hair color design used on this long, gray/black cut!  Long strands of blue-green decorate the sides and the bottom layer is a jewel-like sapphire-blue.  And another new idea is the subtle blue gloss above the vibrant colors that pulls the whole design together.

Raggedy sea-blue cut for round/heart/oval faces – dark to blue ombre hair for shoulder length hair

This simple stick-straight haircut has fabulously textured ragged-tips in the heavily-layered tips.  The strict lines of this style are softened by the sea-blue and green shades starting at eye-level and continuing to the ends, which are cut at the perfect length to accentuate the model’s décolletage!

High-fashion graphite gray, royal-blue & green – medium blue ombre hair

This marine-green and royal blue ombre stands out from the crowd for the uneven line of the ombré.  The roots are super-trendy graphite-gray and the application of various different shades of color adds the illusion of thicker hair on this straight style.

Tousled waves & color contrast for fine hair

This tousled long haircut creates gentle waves worthy of the sea on a calm and sunny afternoon.  With a pale, green-blonde line blurring the join between black hair and an ever-changing mix of green and blue highlights this style will help medium and fine hair appear thicker.

Saucy silver-gray & dual-blue ringlets

This fabulous color idea shows metallic gray with a hint of green around the top with three gorgeous shades of blue in the ringlets below.  Aqua blue softens the transition to a blend of steel-blue and royal blue creating a wonderful 3-dimensional vibe along with the perfectly curled waves.

Cute blue-tips on simple style

If you prefer a touch of blue, rather than an attention-grabbing multi-colored style, here’s a chic idea that looks great on black hair.  The ombré is painted on to form an attractive colored border that’s about 3 – 4-inches wide.  You need to bleach the tips first to get this depth of color on black hair.

Boho chic soft beige & faded denim-blue

This beautifully blended look is soft and romantic thanks to the muted shades and ultra-trendy beige blonde ombré.  The blue balayage is all done in different denim-blue tones, from faded denim to marine-blue and dark navy-blue lower down.  This artistic look is one of our big favorites!

Perky purple amethyst & sea-green bob – Trendy short ombre bob hairstyle for women

Quite the opposite effect is achieved on this cute wavy bob with intense, saturated colors which are rich and deep like gemstones.  Purple and sea-green may seem like an odd choice, but they are actually very close shades on the ‘color wheel’.  They both have a lot of blue pigment making them gorgeously complementary colors!

Glamorous black to deep-green teal waves

These three shades of blue-green come under the fashion-color heading of ‘teal’, which is actually a type of duck!  The teal has deep green feathers around its eyes and it’s a fabulously rich, jewel shade for an ombré on coffee-brown or black hair.  This ombré has a beautiful, graduated color from dark to almost luminous tips.

Glossy blue waves with blonde roots

What a fantastic transformation from a medium-blonde, long, layered style that you wouldn’t look at twice in the street, to a glossy deep blue ombré show-stopper!  Less saturated blue color is used as balayage to make the color transition smooth and the lively waves show off the rich, deep sapphire-blue color perfectly.

Pretty pearly sheen from white-blonde balayage

Varying the color tones adds lots of extra color-depth and dimension to all hair color schemes, because of the play of light and shade on hair.  Here’s how to get a pearly finish on hair using very fine white highlights and small patches of darker blue to create really beautiful, artificial light reflections/shadows on hair!

Inspired blend of gray, purple & turquoise

Instead of stark black as the base color or brown, you can get a softer look with graphite-gray which is much nearer to deep purple on the color wheel and gives a smoother color transition.  The main ombré is turquoise and on long hair which has been bleached, you do need to give it plenty of conditioning treatment.

Iridescent green & blue pastel with lavender tips

This clever colorist has achieved an almost iridescent effect on white-blonde hair by mixing pastel green and blue in the main section.  And the pretty lavender tips with white blonde mixed in have a lovely pearlized finish.  What a long way we’ve come from plain, platinum-blonde these last few years!

Lively indigo-blue to pastel lavender twists

This twist bob with disconnected layers around the front is great for adding volume to fine hair.  And with a fabulously vivid indigo-blue color around the top that fades to pastel lavender-gray, fine hair looks denser and eye-catching in a very trendy way!

Most new color hairstyles are shown on long hair, but don’t let that put you off if your hair is short. Short/medium bobs and pixie cuts look amazing in trendy hair colors!  Our love of rainbow colors is more than just a summer romance, so it’s time to see a colorist and discover your best color-blends!

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