15 Hottest New Trendy Hair Color Ideas for Short Hair

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This gallery will bring you bang up-to-date with the fabulous new ways to add stylish rainbow color to your trendy short haircut!  Now we’ve got over the shock of pastel colors being fashionable, it’s time to show how chic they can look on the latest short and medium haircuts.  Extreme colors may start as ‘street’ trends, but they always end-up being toned down and added to mainstream fashion – including perfectly-groomed hairstyles! These pastels, faded shades and subtle beige/gold/copper colors show how to add the latest hair color ideas to your favorite trendy, short haircuts!

Chic sleek & silky ‘faded’ color on fine hair

Fine hair, with its silky texture and flexible movement, always looks great in a blunt-cut, angled bob.  But if you’re ready to ramp-up your style to something more adventurous, why not consider adding a muted rainbow color?  These four ‘faded’ colors show a classier way to wear pastels, with ash/beige tones and a subtle color change accentuating the movement of the angled line.

Lively lavender-pink with patterned under-cut

This lively look is full of attractive color and high-fashion style!  If your fine hair isn’t thick enough to create a stacked-back, closely layered section try this popular new idea.  The back is buzzed close to the head and then you can choose a pattern to be ‘etched’ above the nape!  Deep-pink roots look lovely with a paler pink ombré and bangs highlighted in the latest beige/ash tones.

Dusty pink under gleaming beige-blonde

And speaking of faded shades, here’s a subtler version of a pink pastel hairstyle.  The lavender-pink roots are a hot hair shade that suits pale skin with a cool undertone. And showing delicately through the beige- and ash-blonde top layer, it looks fabulous!  Straight and simple bob haircuts with a sleek finish can look stunning with ultra-mod colors creating a truly individual look!

Soft gray roots & muted blues on choppy messy bob

High-fashion gray plus light-blue/dark-blue balayage is creatively chaotic and gleaming with light reflected off the pearly finish! Choosing well-harmonized statement hair colors means you can create some fabulous color-schemes with matching fashion-clothes.  This mid-length, layered hairstyle for medium-thick hair combines sharp, flyaway tips with a choppy, blunt-cut bottom edge!

Show-stopping lilac & sea-green extreme angled bob

Well, if ever there was an eye-catching hairdo for a special occasion, this is it! It won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but I can see this gorgeous blend of lilac and sea-green adorning the head of a stage-performer, belting out a rock ballad.  Or someone who enjoys summer music festivals. The success of any attention-grabbing hairstyle depends on it being well-styled, with regular trims and lots of conditioning!

Ginger-up your life with a long-to-short makeover

Here’s another daring hairstyle – in the form of a radical, long to short makeover!  What’s most striking about this makeover is how much younger the model looks with a sporty, layered pixie.  And not only that, her hair is a lot more eye-catching in a soft-copper ‘red-head’ shade.  So if you tend to hide behind shapeless, long ‘curtains’ of hair, maybe it’s time to come out and show your face!

Gloriously glimmering golden-blonde bob

The glimmer of gold always attracts attention, especially as part of a trendy haircut!  This light-reflecting color-design is expertly created with a subtle, horizontal band in lighter blonde around the head.  It’s a clever highlighting technique to emphasize the curve of the hair between the top and (steeply-angled) bottom line.  Several shades of light- and dark-blonde come together in a gorgeously rich and trendy cut for medium/thick hair!

Pretty beige-blonde & shell-pink angled bob

This is a great example of the trend towards neutral blonde hair color this year!  The main blonde shade is very light, but ‘warmer’ than previously popular platinum-blonde, thanks to the pale pink ‘toner’.  The toner is a final color-wash that’s added to bleached hair to create a warm or cool finish to suit your skin-tones.  This lovely color effect is achieved with soft, light-beige roots, which add lovely texture and color-depth.

Amber tones over soft ash accentuate fabulous texture

This wavy bob is fresh and new in the choice of soft beige/ash blonde for the roots and nape, with a layer of lively, amber twists around the head.  If you’ve not seen it before, amber is a very classy new color addition to this year’s trendiest blonde shades and a rich color between gold and copper.  Warm amber is also a gentle shade that’s more forgiving than light blonde to anyone over 25!

Super-cute coral-apricot-beige on edgy short sharp cut

This fabulous hair-color is so subtle and beautifully blended, we’ve voted it our Color of the Week!  The newest blonde pastel colors often have a touch of beige in the mix.  And beige allows you to create some very soft and flattering colors, like salmon-pink and coral. This forward styled cut is one of the trendiest right now, and in ash-pink and coral-beige tones it’s absolutely adorable!

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