45 Short Hair Styles with Bangs to Try in 2024

short bob hair style with Wispy bangs

Bangs are flirty and fun and they are meant for everyone! A hairstyle just looks incomplete without bangs. Add bangs to any haircut, and it will look stylish. If you are looking for short haircut ideas, there are some popular short haircuts with bangs (side bangs, blunt bangs, etc) for you to choose from.

Getting short hair, especially when you have never done it before, you get a chance to get a hip and hot style. Short hairstyles with bangs save you from the hassle of complicated long hairstyles while giving you a chic transformed look. They have the unique ability to change the dynamics of any haircut, making it more edgy, sweet, professional, or youthful. As we delve into the myriad of hairstyles that are enhanced by the presence of bangs, we’ll discover looks that are both timeless and contemporary.

1. Short bob hair style with Micro bangs

short bob hair style with Micro bangs

Dive into a world of retro chic with this adorable short bob hairstyle. The copper hue gives it a warm and inviting glow, while the slight wave at the ends offers a touch of playfulness. What truly sets this style apart are the micro bangs, which sit just above the eyebrows, giving a doll-like allure. It’s a breeze to style, making morning routines effortless and ensuring you step out looking cute and fresh.

2. Short Pixie Cut with Side Bangs

short pixie cut with bangs

This short blonde pixie is the epitome of low-maintenance chic. Specifically tailored for those with thinner or fine hair, its lightweight nature allows for volume and movement. The side-swept bangs add a touch of elegance, framing the face gracefully. Ideal for busy moms, this hairstyle is not only easy to style but gives a youthful and vibrant appearance, making it a go-to for those hectic mornings.

3. Two-tone blunt bob cut with bangs

two tone short bob cut with blunt bangs

Express your style and personality with this striking two-tone blunt bob. The front section is colored in a cool ash grey, contrasting beautifully with the rich dark brown at the back. Paired with a straight bob cut, the colors playfully interact, making this style stand out in a crowd. The hairstyle is both edgy and cute, making it suitable for those wanting to make a bold yet adorable statement.

4. Short Wavy Bob cut with side swept bangs

4. Short Wavy Bob cut with side swept bangs

Unleash your inner romantic with this dreamy short wavy bob. The gentle waves cascade effortlessly, exuding a sense of elegance and charm. Complemented by long side-swept bangs, this hairstyle frames the face beautifully, highlighting your best features. Whether you’re heading to a date night or a casual outing with friends, this hairstyle is sure to turn heads.

5. Aesthetic short hair with bangs

aesthetic short hair with bangs

Short hair, choppy layers, and a sweet demeanor. This hairstyle allows you to look effortlessly chic. The texture added to the hair works wonders whether you’re sporting a chin-length bob or a slightly longer version. The added fringe breathes life into the cut, giving it a modern twist.

6. Cute Short Choppy Haircut with Bangs

cute short choppy haircut with bangs

Short hair, undeniable cuteness, and a choppy bob silhouette. Opt for this style when you’re aiming for a more relaxed vibe. The wispy bangs, styled with a finger comb, lends an airy feel. A quick blowout gives your bob that desired volume and playful bounce.

7. Textured Short Hair With Side Bangs

Textured Short Hair With Side Bangs

An adventurous choice for the daring at heart. This pixie cut, combined with side-swept bangs, offers an edgy yet textured appearance. The scrunching technique ensures your hair doesn’t look flat, adding a dash of dynamism to your short haircut.

8. French Bob With Bangs

French Bob With Bangs

Short hair, timeless elegance, and a touch of Parisian charm. By adding texture and a slight curl to the bob, you achieve an effortlessly chic appearance reminiscent of the French. It’s no wonder that this style has become an enviable choice for women globally, combining subtle sexiness with minimal fuss.

9. Short Messy Black Hair with bangs

short black pixie cut with bangs

Short hair, rich black hue, and a dash of carefreeness. When you’re not in the mood for extensive styling, this bedhead look is your go-to. The messy bangs paired with the tousled black bob make you stand out, effortlessly marrying style and convenience.

10. Short layered pixie with long thick bangs

short layered pixie with with long thickj bangs

Layers, thick hair, classic pixie silhouette. Perfect for oval faces, this pixie cut, adorned with asymmetrical bangs and choppy layers, complements the face shape beautifully. Elevate this look with a touch of texture by utilizing a light mousse or styling cream. To introduce an additional bold statement, backcomb the frontal layers and gently brush over for a refined finish.

11. Short bob hair style with Wispy bangs

short bob hair style with Wispy bangs

Is it even possible to overlook the sheer perfection of these blunt, tousled bangs? They naturally frame and flatter the face. This fluffy, textured bob paired with straight-across bangs provides both texture and dynamic movement to your hair. One of its many advantages is its adaptability for various occasions, be it formal or casual. However, a tad more upkeep might be required to maintain its pristine appearance.

12. Short Ash grey bixie cut with bangs

Pixie Bob With Side Bangs

Short hair, designed for confident women over 50. The bixie cut has grown in popularity, especially among younger generations. Incorporate short petals around the face complemented by bangs and layered crowns to enhance its charm. When executed with precision, this haircut matures gracefully, achieving a timeless appeal.

13. Layered Short Wavy Cut with Long Bangs

Layered Short Wavy Cut with Long Bangs

Wavy hair, voluminous texture, signature pixie cut, complemented with extended side bangs. Achieve a carefree, youthful exuberance with this messy short haircut. Perfect for those over 40, these long side-swept bangs provide a rejuvenating touch to your appearance.

14. Boyish Short Cut with Short Bangs

Boyish Short Cut with Short Bangs

A very short, crisp cut. These super short bangs paired with a closely-cropped hairstyle exude chicness. Especially suitable for those with a bustling lifestyle, this haircut promises minimal upkeep while ensuring you look stylish. To add the finishing touches, employ a texturizing product to accentuate the ends for a well-defined look.

15. Short Under Cut with Bangs

Short Under Cut with Bangs

Short hair, razor-straight cut, signature undercut, shimmering platinum hue. Introducing a layered, choppy pixie enhanced with extended side bangs and amplified texture, this look is a boon for those with finer hair types. The silhouette of this stacked haircut is unmistakably edgy, yet its side bangs impart a romantic, youthful, and flirty touch.

16. Kawaii Japanese Short Bob Cut with Side Bangs

Kawaii Japanese Short Bob Cut with Side Bangs

Silky straight hair, typical Asian hair texture, classic Japanese bob silhouette, a prevalent choice in Japan. Embellished with side-swept bangs, this hairstyle is the epitome of cuteness. To achieve a sleek, frizz-free appearance, incorporate a smoothing cream. This look, with its youthful charm, is particularly popular among schoolgirls.

17. Short curly hair with curly bangs

short hair with Curly bangs

Showcasing a sea of curls, this curly bob is all about volume and vibrancy. With a beautiful cascade of curls complemented by curtain bangs, this look offers unparalleled versatility. The bangs, with their distinctive allure, stand out, providing options for various stylings. And to maintain the shape and volume, strategic layering is employed, granting texture and movement.

18. Short platinum hair with bangs

short platinum hair with bangs

A luminous platinum shade, this pixie cut paired with bangs is a showstopper, especially for those daring enough to go blonde. With its minimalist yet assertive appearance, this haircut radiates confidence, allowing for facial features to be at the forefront. A word of caution for those considering this look: it demands consistent maintenance. Regular trims are essential to ensure the cut remains sharp and the hair health is preserved.

19. Short Bob Hairstyle with Curtain Bangs

Short Bob Hairstyle with Curtain Bangs

Embracing a contemporary vibe, this wavy short bob paired with curtain bangs might just make you consider a fresh chop. An impeccable choice for women navigating their 30s and 40s, especially those with finer hair and a natural wave. Stopping just at the chin, this textured bob cut accentuates facial features. The curtain bangs, in their beautiful undone state, channel the quintessence of the effortlessly sultry bedhead look, hinting at a carefree and fresh-out-of-bed aura.

20. Layered Short Hair Style with Long Thick Bangs

Layered Short Haircut with Long Thick Bangs

Emphasizing texture and dimension, this layered bob showcases the transformative power of waves on short hair. The presence of multiple layers offers a beautiful play of volume and depth. While the cut itself has an inherent messiness, the bob is deliberately parted to the side, allowing for long, graceful bangs to frame the face with elegance and sophistication.

21.Short haircuts with bangs

You will look younger than five years old with short hair styles bangs. Here is a picture of cute short blonde hairstyle with bangs.

Short haircuts with bangs

22. Short Sleek Red Hairstyle with side bangs

Great looking jagged layers on top hair with sleek angled locks on sides and an ultra-stylish front bang.

Short Glam Hair

Short Glam Hair

23. Short sleek bob hairstyle with full blunt bangs

Wear a sophisticated bob of even-length with a bang covering the forehead

Mischa New Hair

Mischa New Hair

24. Cute short Chinese hairstyle with bangs

Cute short Chinese hairstyle with bangs

Here is a Chinese girl with short haircut, the bangs looks great on her.

25. Cute Short Haircut with bangs

Cute asymmetric haircut with a bang for a nice volume.

New Haircut

New Haircut

26. Short Straight haircut with bangs

Sophisticated bob with mushroom-style back and a gorgeous bang on forehead.

Short Hair Cool Bang

Short Hair Cool Bang

27. Cute short hair style with bangs

cute short hairstyle with bangs

If you want to get a new stylish short haircut, how about this one?

Short haircuts

28. Short Fav Bangs

Asymmetric short style with bang softly highlighted in blonde.

Short Fav Bangs

Short Fav Bangs

29. Layered short haircut with side bangs

Short layered hairstyle with light highlights and a soft side-swept bang.

Short Hair With Bangs

Short Hair With Bangs

30. Short Red Haircut with Side Swept Bangs

Bold cherry shade on short layered hair with a front bang.

Hair Today Gone Tomorrow

Hair Today Gone Tomorrow

31. Cute short haircut with side swept bangs

Get a soft forehead bang on any neat hairstyle for an added dimension to your facial features.

New Short Hair

New Short Hair

32. Short Purple Haircut with long bangs

Chin-length soft hair with a sleek front bang falling on face, and a deep purple color.

Purple Hair

Purple Hair

33. Short Red Haircut with Side Bangs

Trendy touch to mushroomed hairstyle with bang with red highlights.

Red Short Hair

Red Short Hair

34. Cool short haircut for women

A different shape and angle to a front bang for a distinctive style.

Cool Hairport

Cool Hairport

35. Cool Short Haircut With Blue Highlights

Flamboyant asymmetric layered hair with multiple highlights.

Short Hair With Blue Highlights

Short Hair With Blue Highlights

36. Skinhead Hairstyle

It’s an extreme style having normal bang and side locks on front half with almost shaved hair on the back half.

Skinhead Hairstyle

Skinhead Hairstyle

37. Trendy short straight haircut with bangs

Cute short layers for thick straight hair, with all hair falling towards front.

Short Fav Hair

Short Fav Hair

38. Short Cool Haircut

Atypical spiked style at back with swirly fringes on forehead.

Short Cool Haircut

Short Cool Haircut

39. Short Vintage

Blonde highlights on front bang for a spark in your style.

Short Vintage

Short Vintage

40. Ana Short Pixie Hairstyle with Bangs

Elegant pixie with a bang and a side lock longer than the other.

Ana Hairstyle

Ana Hairstyle

41. Short Curly Hairstyle with bangs

Blow-waved jagged, layered hair with bang having bouncy effect.

Short Bangs Curls

Short Bangs Curls

42. Short bob haircut with blunt bangs

Super-perfect short bob with sharp-edged even bang and a fabulous color.

Mermory of Angella

Mermory of Angella

43. Emo hairstyle with bangs

Edgy bob with angled front bang for a chic emo hairstyle.

Shy Short Hair

Shy Short Hair

44. Trendy short haircut with fringes

Cool pixie-style on very short hair with light fringes falling on forehead.

Short Wow Hair

Short Wow Hair

45. Celebrity Short Hairstyles with bangs

Short Hairstyles with bangs

This is one of the most popular short bob haircut for women, a lot of celebrities wear this bob cut.

46. Short hair with bangs for women over 50

Robin Wright longer pixie

Robin Wright rocked a cool stylish short pixie cut recently. The hairstyle is a sublime blend of classic sophistication and modern edginess, resonating with both subtlety and statement. The cut can be characterized as a short, asymmetrical pixie, an evergreen style that has been gracefully revisited with contemporary flair.

What immediately captures attention is the strategic layering, which gives volume to the hair and effortlessly showcases its multi-tonal hues. The layering isn’t just functional but is a key aesthetic component, giving depth, movement, and dimension to the cut. The natural flow of the layers also ensures that the hair falls gracefully, framing the face in a manner that highlights and complements the wearer’s facial features.

The side-swept bangs add to the charm. They are neither too heavy nor too light but have the right weight to create a soft cascade across the forehead. This element not only adds a touch of femininity to the overall style but also balances the edginess of the shorter, choppier layers at the back.

The color palette chosen for this hairstyle is equally remarkable. The blend of warm, golden highlights interspersed with cooler, ash-blond tones creates a radiant, sun-kissed effect. This not only adds visual interest but also makes the hair appear more voluminous and textured. This shortcut is one of the best short hair for women over 50.

The art of hairstyling, especially when enhanced with bangs, is a testament to the endless creativity and adaptability of hair professionals worldwide. From sultry bedhead looks to polished professional cuts, there’s a hairstyle with bangs suited for every personality and occasion. So, whether you’re looking for a radical change or just a subtle shift in your appearance, remember, the perfect hairstyle awaits – and it might just involve a fringe or two.

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