5 Ways to be a Hair Ninja

Having a hair crisis? Don’t freak out – be a ninja! Fight these five common hair emergencies with easy fixes, and no one will suspect a thing.

You snoozed one time too many

…and your office has a no-hat rule.

We’ve all been there: You wake up late, your hair’s a ratty mop and you’re out of excuses for your boss. Never fear! Stuff a clear elastic (and your can of Paul Mitchell Freeze and Shine Super Spray, of course) into your make-up bag, and you can do your hair at stoplights on your way to work (or in the Starbucks drive-thru).

For an easy low knot, divide your strands into two sections and literally tie into a double knot. Secure your ends with the clear elastic, and you’ve got a no-hassle, messy-chic (emphasis on the chic!) ‘do – and your co-workers will never be the wiser.

See the full tutorial here.

You slept through your alarm

…and your strands are out of control with oil.

These occasions are exactly what dry shampoo is for. As soon as you can rub the sleepies from your eyes, spray or sprinkle your dry shampoo directly onto your roots to start absorbing extra oil. Especially coat your scalp around your part and bangs, if you have them.

Don’t have dry shampoo? (Ahem. You should really just get some.) Grab some baby powder and shake onto your head. Help the powder (or spray) work into your hair with the help of a natural-bristle brush.

If it’s still oily, throw on a headband or try a quick, messy side braid – and pray you have time to wash it over lunch.

You got caught in a downpour

…and don’t have access to a hair dryer.

It ain’t no thang! If your locks are soaked, do what you can (once you’re in a dry place) to wring out your strands. Then, smooth your hair back with your fingers and twist it into a top knot, securing with bobby or spin pins, or an elastic if you don’t have pins handy. Once your hair has air-dried, shake and finger-comb it out for loose, messy waves.

Or, if you’re brave enough, slick it back and leave it wet to rock the wet hair trend.

Your workout pony left a bump

…and you don’t have time to shampoo.

As soon as you leave the gym, take out your ponytail and flip your hair over. If you have a dry root pump product handy (try Osis+ Dust It Mattifying Powder), work it through your roots to add texture and volume. Then, gather your strands into a low side pony and scrunch the ends or braid a messy fishtail à la Blake Lively.

You have a big date

…but no time to freshen up your roots.

Grown-out roots might leave you feeling impatient, but it’s best to stick it out until your next salon appointment – even if you have a big date or impromptu night out coming up. (Unless you really know what you’re doing, beware the at-home kit, even in emergencies.) Instead, style your strands in a way that detracts from your roots. Try a messy part to minimize attention to your roots, a big blow-out for all-over volume or slap on a chic turban to cover your locks once and for all.

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