6 Attractive Wavy Hairstyles for Women

long hair with soft waves

Wonderful Wavy Hairstyles

If you’re bored with your hair, don’t just rush to the salon and let them do what they want, check out a few new wavy hairstyles at home, before you have the final ‘makeover cut’!  Waves are cropping up in all lengths this season and we have a fantastic range of wavy hairstyles and new ideas all ready for you.

Change it!

Wavy hairstyles range from a little ‘kink’ in the hair, to fabulous glossy Hollywood glamour waves and exhuberant fluffy curls, so if you’re not completely satisfied with your current look – change it!

Decisions decisions!

However, choosing a new look is a very delicate process and unless you are very aware of your face-shape, hair-texture and which styles work on fine or thick hair, you can easily get it wrong.

So first of all, make sure you know whether you have a round, heart-shaped, long, narrow, oblong, oval or diamond shaped face.  This is fairly easy to do at home, if you brush your hair back from the face and secure it with an elastic or a hairband.

Then looking in the mirror, start with your forehead and front hairline.  Is your hairline in a softly rounded oval curve, or a broad round symmetrical circle or squarish shape?

Minimise high or broad foreheads: wavy hairstyles with a fringe

Heart-shaped faces have a broad forehead as do oblong face shapes and some round faces.  So what you need to balance out a high (long face) or broad forehead is a side-parting and a side-swept fringe that hides the shape.

To ‘narrow’ a wide forehead, choose a fringe that’s slightly parted in the center, to show the section above your nose.  This will keep the focus ‘in’, rather than emphasising the outer edges of the forehead!

Be prepared

This is just one example of how a tailor-made wavy hairstyle can do a lot to bring your face nearer to the ideal oval-shape, of course.  But if you know what you want to accentuate and what you want to minimise, before you sit in the salon chair, you’re far more likely to get a face-flattering style.

A good stylist welcomes input from the client and the placement of layers in today’s fabulous wavy hairstyles, can make or break an expensive re-style.

And that’s why you should browse our constantly updated Inspiration Gallery of the freshest straight and wavy hairstyles.  Print off one or more photos to show your stylist the type of length, waviness and finish you’re planning for your super new look!

Wavy bob hairstyle for short hair

wavy bob hairstyle for short hair

Long Blonde Wavy Hairstyle

long hair with soft waves
long hair with soft waves

Shoulder length bob hairstyle

long bob with soft waves

Wavy hairstyle for long black hair

black wavy curly hairstyles for women
black wavy curly hairstyles for women @alyssarxs

Attractive wavy hairstyle for women

sexy wavy hair style

Beautiful center parting long wavy hairstyle

wavy hairstyles for women
wavy hairstyles for women /instagram@dilekpacacioglu



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