How to Creating Curls In Your Sleep

Do you want gorgeous hair that lasts all day and all night? Sleep on it! Yes, you read that right. If you don’t have time to style your hair after a long day of work or want to try something different for date night, then create noticeable curls overnight. Not only can this save you time, but it’ll save your hair from damaging heat.

Simple Sock Bun Curls

sock bun curls
sock bun curls

A good place to start is with simple sock bun curls. Have you ever thrown your hair up into a bun and found that it looks sort of wavy when you take it down at the end of the day? Creating overnight curls takes this concept to the next level of glam.

Creating Curls in Your Sleep with Buns

Start with wet hair and follow your regular nighttime routine. Towel dry and carefully comb through your hair with a wide toothed comb (we like the The Wet Comb). Pull your hair back into a super high ponytail and secure with a hair elastic.

Then, grab an old sock and cut the toe part of the sock off and roll it from one side to the other so that it forms a round doughnut kind of shape. A few things to think about before continuing: If you have super thick hair, you may want to put your hair into high pigtails and use two socks instead of just one. Play around what works best for your hair type. Also, for tighter curls you can use a thinner sock or for loose and sexy curls stick with a thicker sock.

Now for the products. You want to add a curl-boosting product through the length of the ponytail that you have created. For a more separated look try a gel, but for natural looking curls use a mousse like the TIGI Bed Head Foxy Curls Extreme Curl Mousse. Take a decent amount and scrunch it through your hair. This will help your curls take shape and make sure they have plenty of staying power.

Now finish it all off by holding your ponytail up above your head. Put the sock around the length and start rolling the ponytail down towards your head. You should be left with a (slightly messy!) sock bun. If need be, use a few bobby pins to keep it from slipping.

Now get some shuteye! When you wake up in the morning, carefully unwind your sock bun and enjoy all of those flawless curls. All you’ll need to do is break them up with your fingers and set with a finishing spray like It’s a 10 Miracle Whipped Finishing Spray. Have flyaways? Use a light oil like AG Hair The Oil to smooth them.

Braided Waves and Curls

Another great way to snag sexy curls while you snooze is by using braiding techniques. This is the best way to achieve wavy hair or super defined curls. What you end up with really depends on the tightness of your braid, how many braids you have and where they begin.

Creating Curls in Your Sleep with Braids

For noticeable curls, start with damp hair and run a small amount of mousse through the length. Take small to medium sized sections of hair and braid each one as tightly as you can to create defined ringlets. Try to start as high up on the scalp as possible to achieve curls from root to tip. Secure the ends with small elastics and sleep on your braided ‘do.

Remember, the braids don’t need to look perfect, they just need to be tight! When you wake up in the morning, carefully undo all of the braids and set with a finishing spray. To add even more definition and curls, you can always use your curling iron to intensify the front sections.

If you are lusting after loose waves instead of bold curls, the styling method will be largely the same. The key difference? Rather than creating small, tight braids, opt for loose braids that are made up of larger sections of hair. This will give you sultry next day waves rather than those noticeable curls.

Gorgeous hair has never been easier to achieve. With a little prep work and a good night’s sleep, you can score beautiful curls by the time you wake. So, get ready to make your friends ooh and ahh and your co-workers jealous!

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