How to Pull Off The Baby Bangs Trend

You’ve seen them everywhere, from concert stages to movie screens – and heck, even your local mall. Plenty of fashion forward ladies have been sporting the high bangs trend lately. This bang style, often referred to as baby bangs, has been making a serious comeback. With everything ’90s suddenly on-trend again (denim overalls, anyone?), rocking baby bangs is certainly no exception.

If you’ve been lusting over Katy Perry’s bold bangs or wish your look was just as memorable as Rooney Mara’s, then baby bangs might be something to consider. But don’t reach for the scissors just yet: This dramatic look isn’t right for everyone.

Making a statement with your hair is a great thing. When you’re choosing a style that’s a little different, though, it’s important to think it through. So, let’s take a closer look at what baby bangs actually are, and then we’ll help you determine if you can pull off the baby bangs trend.

So what are baby bangs?

By now, you’ve seen tons of celebrities wearing baby bangs. Musicians like Hayley Williams and actresses like Krysten Ritter have made this bang style their signature look. And they’re not alone – other stars like Christina Aguilera, Marion Cotillard and Sharon Stone have also been known to wear this style on a red carpet or two.

Baby bangs are defined by being quite short and stopping well above the eyebrows. In fact, to be a true baby bang, they should end just before hitting the mid-forehead. When it comes to the cut itself, these bangs should be razor or blunt cut, depending on the look you’re going for. Whichever you choose, the end result will be strong, sexy, and ready to make a statement!

Who can wear baby bangs?

Technically anyone can wear micro bangs (there aren’t any hair police that will stop you, of course), but not everyone should. This bang style can be harder to pull off since it flatters certain face shapes better than others.

Round faces, for instance, might want to avoid this trend. Why? When you have a rounder face, a short bang style only accentuates your natural shape. The same can be said if you have a heart-shaped face. A short bang style can actually draw more attention to a wider forehead.

The ideal face shape for baby bangs is an oval shape (like Krysten Ritter!), which can also be called an egg shape. Ovals are lucky, because they can pull off just about any bang style with ease. Adding these short bangs can draw attention to your best features and give you the bold look you crave. They also work on women with a more angular face. Ask your hairstylist before you make a final decision; they can help you make the most flattering choice for your face shape.

In addition to your face shape, you also need to make sure you find the right bang length for your face, and take your hair length and texture into consideration. Your eyebrows are also important to think about. Remember, they’ll be on full display, so make sure you feel good about showing them off!

How to style baby bangs properly

Whether you have them already or you’re still thinking it over, you’ll need to understand how to style your baby bangs properly to really be able to pull off the trend. This process requires some patience and practice, the right heat styling tools, and quality hair care products. To achieve sleek baby bangs, it all starts in the shower. Make sure you use a moisturizing shampoo (like Sebastian Drench Shampoo) to reduce frizz that could ruin your edgy look.

Once you step out of the shower, there’s no time to lose. Style your bangs as quickly as possible! Your hair is easier to work with when it’s still wet, and because they’re super short, your bangs will dry faster than the rest of your hair. After showering, quickly towel dry your hair, and work a small amount of Sebastian Liquid Gloss through your strands to leave you with smooth, shiny and noticeable bangs. Blow-dry your bangs flat against your forehead, brushing your hair in a downward direction as you go. When your bangs are completely dry, you can either use a flat iron or a small amount of gel (like Sebastian Gel Forte) for a sleek, finished look.

Don’t be afraid to go bold and get trendy with your look. Who knows, the baby bangs trend may be something for you to think about! Depending on how you wear it, the trend can be sultry, grungy, or high fashion.

So, can you pull it off? Consider your face shape and your commitment to styling. Think it over or ask your stylist. You never know – bangs might be the perfect way to change up your hairstyle this spring.

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