Back To School Braid: Short Hair Updo Tutorial

short-hair-braid-updo tutorial

We shorties need ‘do options too! Check out this super simple short hair braid updo tutorial for a new styling idea.

short hair braid updo tutorial

Before beginning, work some Bain de Terre Bamboo Ultra Control Styling Gel through your hair to give your locks texture and extra holding power while minimizing flyaways.

1. Divide your hair into two equal sections. Tie or clip one section out of the way temporarily.

2. Start a Dutch (or inside out) braid at the top of the free section of hair.

3. Braid this section all the way to the end, then tie off with a clear elastic. Try to pull the braid diagonally to the opposite side of your head while braiding, if possible.

4. Repeat steps 2-3 on the other section of hair.

5. Take the end of the left braid and pull it over to the right braid.

6. Pin the end of the left braid under the right braid so it’s secure against your head.

7. Repeat step 6 with the right braid.

8. Use bobby pins to secure any flyaways or hairs that pop out of your braid (it’s common for short hair!). Then hairspray that baby (I’m loving Bain de Terre Infinite Hold Firm Finishing Spray) and voila!

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