Best Asian Hairstyles for Women That Are Trending Right Now

Makeover Asian Hairstyles for Women!

Asian hairstyles for women range from traditional hairdo’s that rely on long hair and graceful styling, to cutting edge contemporary looks!  Asian hair is usually dark brown or black and most Asian women avoid the highlights that are popular in other cultures, preferring a natural look.

Expert cutting

So Asian hairstyles tend to rely on an expert cut, which in short and medium haircuts highlights the individual texture and movement.  For trendy women, Asian hairstyles this year include some fabulous layered cuts, guaranteed to create a distinctive modern image. 

Layered bobs

If you have long same-length hair, that you’d like to be more fashionable without losing the length, the long layered bob styles are the perfect choice!

Layering removes the heaviness of thick or coarse hair, which means you can get a softer look with more volume around the head.  Instead of having a strong, straight line pulling the eye down and not really flattering your face, go for graduated layers to soften the line.

Waves are a hot trend

If you have wavy or curly hair, you’ll be delighted to know that all types of waves are fashionable this year, so no more straightening for you!  And you’ll find that adding some pretty layering emphasises and adds definition to your natural wavy movement.

Shaggy Asian hairstyles for women

Japanese Asian hairstyles for women can take advantage of the fabulous effect that a shag-cut produces on thick, strong hair.  This season’s shaggy styles are the perfect way to get an easy-care and totally trendy look in your hair.

And this is a very versatile cut for women of all ages, too, as you can style it smooth or rough-dry it for an edgy, contemporary look!

Assertive choppy bobs

The best high-fashion look in Asian hairstyles for women who want to get noticed is the choppy bob – another haircut that shows off the thickness of hair.  The current watchword for high-fashion hair designs is definitely ‘unconventionality’ and this is shown in the fabulous choppy layered looks, which are the opposite of the soft, feminine look!

Choose choppy layers if you want to show your assertive side and avoid being stereotyped as a compliant and submissive person!

Asian hairstyles for women are as wide-ranging and varied as are Asian woman and if you’re looking for a great makeover style, why not browse our latest Asian hairstyles Inspiration Gallery of new Asian hairstyles – for women who like to look great!

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