3 Best Hair Styles for Busy Guys

We all have those days when the snooze button is our best friend, and we wind up waking up late for school or work. Some days there are only a few minutes to make yourself presentable and get out the door.

Make those crazy mornings easier by stockpiling an arsenal of quick, easy styles and the products you need to make them happen. Taylor at Paul Mitchell has created three great styles you can achieve using two products from their Mitch line.

Because these styles are so easy, the only tools you will need are your hands. No time for a shower (hey, we aren’t judging)? Perfect. These styles can happen with dry hair.

Let’s get started.

Here’s what you’ll need:

-Clean Cut – Medium Hold Semi-Matte Styling Creme

-Hardwired – Maximum Hold Spiking Glue


1. The Messy Comb Over for men:

best haircut for men: Messy Comb Over
best haircut for men: Messy Comb Over

Don’t let the phrase “comb over” throw you. This look is modern.

1. Start with a dab of the Clean Cut and work it into your hands real well. It’s like my hairstylist mother always says, “You can always add more.” If you have thicker or longer hair, work a little more through.

2. Start pushing your hair over to the side creating a part, while pushing your sides downward. The light hold will allow for a softer lift (not creating a Jake Gatsby part, but more of a Romeo Montague push).

2. The Edgy Spike for men:

The Edgy Spike haircut for men
The Edgy Spike haircut for men

Reach for the Hardwired gel to create this style. Skip this one if heading to the office. It’s best suited for a night out.

1. Start by squeezing out a quarter-sized amount into your hand and rubbing both together to help even out the application.

2. Work it through your hair to build the shape of the style. Pull your hair upward.

3. You can leave the sides down or really add some flair and push them back, adding more movement in the actual style.

3. The Lived In Cocktail for men:

haircut for men
haircut for men

Whether it’s a casual brunch with your lady or you’re meeting up with your parents, this style is one to try this weekend.

1. Add both the Clean Cut and the Hardwired to your palms and mix them in your hands thoroughly. This combo will really help step your style game up.

2. Use your hands to apply the product throughout your hair.

3. With your hands, start pulling towards the side diagonally. The Hardwired will help create the hold for the style and Clean Cut will help with the separation.

Whether you’re living for the snooze button or just running late on accident, you’re a busy guy, we get it.  These styles help you move on with your day… and look pretty damn good while doing it.

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