25 Best Blonde Ombre Hairstyles & Haircuts 2021

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Though summer has been and gone and we’re now firmly in Fall and preparing for Winter, that by no means means that we’ve got to get rid of our bright blonde summer locks! Instead, why not opt for a change with a gorgeous ombre transition to liven up your locks and create a stunning finished style? Here’s our incredible gallery of blonde ombre styles that are perfect to welcome in the new season with.

Blonde and Grey Ombre Blend

This stunning long hair is the perfect hairstyle to start our gorgeous gallery with! This lady’s hair starts with a muted brown at the roots, blending into a gorgeous golden blonde at the top of the hair, and then blending through to a stunning grey ombre which is so totally on trend and perfect for the Fall season. Finished off with striking barrel curls, we adore this style!

Red to Blonde Blend

This lady has the most gorgeous long hair we ever did see, cascading down her back with the subtle wave she’s worked throughout highlighting the incredible ombre colour blend which works through her hair. The roots are a gorgeous and vibrant red which is so Fall appropriate, and it quickly melts into a golden blonde that we simply adore.

Brown to Caramel Waves

This impeccably stylish lady has gone for an incredible natural look, taking her  locks from a rich chocolate brown and seamlessly blending them through the ombre style we know and love to a gorgeous golden shade of blonde. The transition is so natural and the finished style with these elaborate waves is simply to die for – don’t you agree?

Curly Ombre Bob

This incredible graduated bob is definitely one of our favourite looks from this hairstyle collection, if not our favourite of all! This stunning bob uses ombre to blend a dark brown and a gorgeous light blonde at the tips, with a little touch of caramel in the middle. She’s added curls for a finished bouncy style and we absolutely adore the look!

Chocolate to Toffee Blend with Loose Curls

This absolutely stunning style falls a few inches below the shoulder and works a stunning combination of colours together in the most beautiful ombre look. From a deep and glossy chocolate brown through to a gorgeous and warming toffee shade of blonde, then finished off with these dramatic loose curls for the perfect evening style!

Brown, Blonde and Silver Sleek Style

We cannot stop swooning at this incredibly sleek style! A combination of colours combined through a gorgeous ombre blend, this style works from a chocolate brown through to a glossy blonde with a subtle silver sheen at the tips. The metallic shade is brought to life by the impeccable shine left on this straight and smooth hair.

Dark to Light Blonde Ombre

This stunning hairstyle is absolutely stunning and oh so romantic – perfect for a special occasion or for a wedding! This incredible long hair works from a dark honey shade of blonde at the root and then blends into a vibrant and bright bleach blonde through an impeccable ombre blend. We love the bouncy curls added to this wonderful look.

Subtle Blonde Ombre Style

This incredible and dramatic hairstyle is simply perfect for a night out on the tiles or for an occasion where you want to look really special! With a gorgeous brown shade dominating the locks, which are curled at the ends for a perfect silhouette, a beautiful and bright shade of blonde covers the ends and the underneath of this style for a unique end result that we absolutely adore.

Natural Looking Ombre Waves

This wonderfully fashionable female is blessed with the most striking and thick locks which fall right down to the small of her back! Finished with an incredible loose wave to create this gorgeous and stunning style. Her hair works from a light brown at the root into a beautiful golden blonde through the most incredible and natural ombre blend.

Rich and Dark Brown to Golden Blonde Curls

This lady’s beautiful and dramatic hairstyle is oh so stylish! Parted in the centre and falling in incredible curls in the most romantic fashion, just perfect for a wedding or a special occasion. Her hair works from a deep and dark brown, to a lighter brown and finishing with a bright caramel blonde to add lift to the ends of the style. We love this look!

Brown to Blonde Wavy Locks

This incredibly gorgeous long hairstyle is simply brought to life thanks to the gorgeous blonde balayage effect which is at work here. Going from a remarkable dark brown and blending seamlessly through a range of caramel hues to finish with a honey blonde at the tips, we simply adore this incredible technique. The waves at the end of the hair are perfect too.

Brown to Blonde Tousled Bob

This is yet another simply stunning graduated bob to add to our ombre bob collection, but this look in particular has certainly stolen the hearts of the Styles Weekly office. Working from longer at the front to shorter at the back, this loosely tousled bob blends from brown to blonde, creating this impeccable and sun-kissed finish around the front of the face.

Sleek Style with Ombre Tips

This incredible long bob falls just around the shoulder length and is parted in the centre to create this straight, smooth and sleek look. The hair is a gorgeous and rich brown, which blends to a dusty blonde at the very tips to add a little lift to the ends of the hair. We think this style would be equally impressive when full of curls too, don’t you?

Dark to White Blonde Romantic Curls

These incredible medium length locks are brought to life by a stunning blonde on blonde ombre transition which we simply cannot get enough of! Starting with a deep and dark shade of blonde at the root, working through to a golden blonde and finishing with a white blonde at the tip, this lovely lady has added romantic curls throughout to add body to the cut.

Chestnut and Caramel Loose Ombre Curls

This hairstyle is simply stunning, we’re sure you’ll agree. Long, thick and full of gorgeous loose curls, this impeccable and romantic style is brought to life by the incredible ombre transition which blends from a chestnut brown at the root and in the centre of the head and is finished with a glossy golden blonde at the sides and towards the ends.

Blonde to Brown Ombre Ringlets

Another beautiful medium length hairstyle to inspire you – this incredible blonde ombre look is full of light and shade, and we just love it. Working from a vibrant and light blonde at the root, it blends into a gorgeous and deep brown at the very ends. The style is finished with beautiful ringlets at the bottom and a wonderful swept back fringe.

Blonde to Grey Side Swept Curls

Another look which is absolutely flawless and oh so glossy – this beautiful blonde to grey ombre blend! Working from a lovely and rich golden blonde and working into a shiny grey which is so totally on trend this season, this look is set from a side parting, which sweeps the long locks to the side. Finished full of stunning curls, we just adore this style!

Brown, Copper and Blonde Ringlets

Why do we love this style so much you ask? Because of the amazing transition and depth of colour! Working from the dark brown root, quickly blending into a copper shade which is stunning and finishing with a beautiful bright blonde on the tips, the hair is then curled into tight ringlets from root to tip, which creates a remarkable and bouncy end result.

Dusty to Ash Blonde with Curled Ends

This look is subtly curled which creates the most perfect style for a day or night look! From a gorgeous dusty blonde at the top with a subtle golden sheet, it blends through the flawless ombre style to a vibrant and shiny ash blonde at the tip. The ends are curled lightly to give the most impeccable silhouette, and the finished result is really quite something.

Light Brown to Golden Blonde With Loosely Curled Ends

Another gorgeous medium length hairstyle which we simply adore – this gorgeous brown to blonde ombre style! Starting from a lovely light brown shade, it blends into a beautiful golden blonde at the tips which adds a stunning sun-kissed effect at the ends. From around the ear length down, there’s a loose wave throughout which finishes the style perfectly.

Copper to Blonde Romantic Curls

Another hairstyle which proves that ombre is simply the way forward for gorgeous and natural colour transitions! Starting from a stunning copper shade which is glossy and shiny, then blending seamlessly into a remarkable blonde which kisses the root and just looks perfect, we love this romantic style which is full of beautiful curls for finesse and style.

Chestnut Brown to Ash Blonde Tousled Style

This gorgeous long hairstyle has us swooning – it’s the perfect style for a day to night transition! Working from an incredible chestnut shade of brown at the top of the head and blending into a wonderful ash blonde at the root, the hair is then lightly tousled throughout for the most gorgeous finish. We think this would look perfect when straight too!

How gorgeous is this collection of impeccable blonde ombre looks? We hope that these styles have inspired you to create be bold with your new style and adopt a blonde ombre for the new season. Let us know what you’d like to see next on the Styles Weekly gallery.

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