Boho Chic! Grungy ‘Bed Head’ Long Style

Boho Chic! Grungy ‘Bed Head’ Long Style

{Oh So Boho}

Boho is back!  It’s in all of the fashion shows and this amazing style is the perfect ‘bed head’ look to wear with grunge clothes.

The hair is bleached to a light blonde shade, mixed in with darker roots and dark strands at the back of the head.  The sides are treated with styling putty to make the sections hang in trendy separated strands with just a slight ‘bend’ in them.

The back is a random mixture of ringlet curls at the ends with slightly waved sections above.  The hair is roughly tousled to complete the casual, unstyled look and the fabulous interplay of different colours highlights the varying textures and movement perfectly!

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