5 Best Ideas for Revving Up Your Second Day Hair

With hectic schedules and the incredible invention of dry shampoo, who washes her hair every single day? Besides logistics, daily shampooing can seriously dry out your hair, especially if you have color or highlights. As someone who is a big fan of second day hair (and, let’s be honest here, third day hair, too!), I can assure you that second day hair doesn’t have to be flat and oily.

Some people think oily hair looks gross and greasy. Pfffft! The natural oils in your hair can actually work to your advantage when you primp and style your locks. In order to get the most from your style, take a peek at these ideas on how to make your hair look great that second (or third!) day.

Messy, loose updo

It doesn’t get more effortless than a low, loose updo. Finger comb your hair back as though you were going to pull it into a low ponytail and pin it at the nape of your neck. Lightly twist the almost ponytail into a loose bun before pinning last. Mist with hairspray to finish a look that is perfect for any occasion. (Tip: Create a few small braids before pulling your hair back for a boho style that’s perfect for the weekend).

Side braid

This side braid is perfect for the day after you wore your hair straight and smooth, making it the perfect style to take advantage of those natural oils! The oils make second day hair easier to manage when trying an elaborate style. Try switching up your part, which can also help distribute the oils instead of pooling them into a greasy mess. Instead of the traditional 3-strand braid, go for a more intricate braid such as the fishtail or 4-strand. We have easy-to-follow tutorials for both!

Bedhead Pony

This bedhead-esque ponytail is almost too easy. This style looks best the day after you’ve styled it wavy or with loose curls. To start, add some dry shampoo or texturzing product to give hair even more texture to work with. Then lightly tease your hair at the crown and pull back into three equal sized sections. Intertwine the center and left sections as if you were starting a braid and secure with a bobby or Spin Pin. Take the right section and wrap it around, pinning at the bottom. You can even make this style office and event appropriate, add statement earrings.

Easy waves

Simple waves are the absolute easiest style to re-wear exactly the same the next day. Revive your waves by using your fingers to comb through, careful to catch any tangles. If you are lucky enough to have a natural wave, just lightly mist a spray bottle of water, then with hairspray, scrunch, and go. If not, you might need to use a large barrel curling iron to amp your style back up. In this case, curl 1-2 inch sections both toward and away from your face. This technique will give the waves a natural appearance.


Consider a headband, jeweled barrette, or turban to add a little something something to your old style. Hats are also a workable option, especially in the winter! When all else fails, try a straw fedora (perfect for spring and summer) or slouchy beanie (stay warm in fall and winter!) to cover your tresses.

Make your style last even longer with dry shampoo. Not only does it soak up excess oils, but it adds volume and a fresh scent to your style (perfect after a night out at a concert or club). I swear by KMS California Hair Play Makeover Spray to avoid my normal shampooing routine for another day. To use, hold 4-6 inches from the greasy area, spray, and tousle. Be sure to shake the bottle first and throughout your application, otherwise it could lead to a flaky mess!

We hope we helped you with stretching your style! Now you can use that time you saved shampooing for more important things… like researching hot trends for spring. It will be here before you know it!

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