Carey Mulligan’s Chic Pixie Cut – Short Haircut

Carey Mulligan short hairstyle for 2014

Looking and, no doubt, feeling cool in the summer heat, here’s a cute pixie cut that suits Carey’s style perfectly!

The hair is trimmed into short layers with lightly textured ends and combed forward from the crown with a touch of wavy movement.  The fringe is short enough to be cool when the temperatures rise and swept lightly to one side for a trendy, asymmetrical look.

The side-parting is blurred and the hair is tucked behind the ears creating a relaxed summer vibe. The colour is a totally contemporary wheaty-blonde shade, given added depth and texture from lowlights just two tones darker that accentuate Carey’s lovely brown eyes.

This style shows off Carey’s lovely, porcelain complexion and dainty features in a youthful and natural look!

Here is a gallery of short pixie cuts, and here are some cute short bob hairstyles for you to choose from.

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