Celebrity Hairstyles: Sexy Long Copper Brown Tousled Wavy Hair from Julia Roberts

Sexy long brown wavy hairstyle for women age over 40 - Julia Roberts hairstyles

Middle aged women fashion: Sexy long brown wavy hair style for middle aged women

Here’s another Hollywood beauty who’s looking great in the season’s favorite copper-brown hair colour!  It’s definitely a great shade for anyone with a pale skin tone and gives flattering warmth that’s softer than some blonde shades.

This haircut is right on trend with a centre-parting and tousled beach-waves that give the impression you’ve just emerged from a refreshing dip in the sea!

The hair has long layers which make it easy to get natural volume from the angular, rather than curvy movement.  This makes it a great choice for anyone with fine hair that needs a bit of oomph to give it more body and thickness.

And another way to make hair appear thicker is to copy the balayage highlighting in the lower lengths of Julia’s contemporary cut.   This lively, tousled cut and colour is a great makeover style for any woman who’s not yet ready to cut her hair short and admit her age!

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